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Tom Holland May Have Just Unveiled His New Girlfriend—And Fans Are Not Taking The News Well

Tom Holland May Have Just Unveiled His New Girlfriend—And Fans Are Not Taking The News Well
Kevin Winter/Getty Images; @tomholland2013/Instagram

Tom Holland has been one of Hollywood's favorite young talents for a few years now. The 24-year-old Brit stole hearts when he took on the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man.

Holland cemented himself as stan-worthy when he gave a full lip-sync performance (with wig, wardrobe change, backup dancers and a gorgeous corset/fishnets combo) to Rihanna's early hit "Umbrella" on Lip Sync Battle.

In case you missed it...

Lip Sync Battle - Tom Holland 'Ride Wit Me' &

Since then, his charm, humor, playfulness and vulnerability have kept his fans enamored.

Maybe a little bit too enamored.

Recently, he put up a social media post seeming to confirm a romantic relationship with model Nadia Parkes.

Nadia posted her own images from that day as well.

Neither of them opted to caption their post.

Tom didn't tag Nadia in his picture of her. None of the images feature Tom at all, much less anything romantic. Still, Holland's more passionate (and typically younger) fans didn't take well to the images and the relationship they implied.

Some of them decided to "voice their concerns."






Twitter, interestingly, has some concerns about those "concerns."

Note that a few comments mentioned how the stans were at it "again."

This isn't the first time and won't be the last time that fans have taken things a bit far and their appreciation has crossed over into a sense of some sort of ownership. It's pretty common, actually, and can be one of the major down sides of fame.

Still, Tom has always been outspoken about how important his fans are to him. We hope they do not escalate to harassing Nadia as has happened in the past.

To steal a quote from Jamie B up there, "please just be normal."