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Here's Your First Look At Tom Hanks As Mr. Rogers 😍

Here's Your First Look At Tom Hanks As Mr. Rogers 😍
Twitter/Family Communications Inc./Getty Images

Just in time for the weekend, a quick tug on the heartstrings!

Sony Pictures has dropped the first photos of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers, and it's hitting people everywhere right in the feels. You gotta admit: he really does look like the beloved icon! It's all there: the red cardigan, the khakis, the sneakers, the salt and pepper hair... it's like being a kid all over again! And who better to play such a beloved figure than arguably the most likable man in Hollywood.

The film, which comes out in October 2019, will center on the unlikely friendship between Mr. Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, who wrote a profile of Rogers for Esquire back in 1998. According to TriStar Pictures, Junod wasn't particularly interested in the assignment, but was won over by Mr. Rogers's warm spirit. TriStar described the film as a story about "a cynical journalist begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write a profile piece on the beloved icon and finds his perspective on life transformed."

Director Marielle Heller, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, described the film as being about "one man who's in a critical point in his life – becoming a new father, having issues with his own father – and meeting Mr. Rogers to write a piece about him, thinking it's going to be a bit of a puff piece, but it ends up changing his entire life."

Yep, that sounds like Mr. Rogers all right!

On social media, the image seemed to be just what the doctor ordered, and everyone was feeling excited about the movie and nostalgic about the beloved man it depicts:

Can't wait for Hanks to drop by and bring some much needed upbeat warmth to the neighborhood!

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