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Tom Hanks Tells Overzealous Fans To 'Back The F**k Off' After They Nearly Knock Over Rita Wilson

Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks is notorious for being one of the nicest people in Hollywood, but some overzealous fans proved even he has a breaking point.

Uproxx reported Hanks and his wife of 34 years, actress and producer Rita Wilson, recently experienced a frightening encounter with fans in New York City.

While leaving a restaurant, the famous couple was swarmed by fans wanting selfies and autographs from Hanks, but the crowd took it too far.

TMZ shared a clip of Wilson being tripped by fans.

Hanks quickly defended his wife:

"My wife? Back the f–k off! Knocking over my wife?!”

The fan can be heard apologizing after Hank's reprimand.

People on Twitter sympathized with Hanks, agreeing the fans were out of control.

Our favorite actors are only human.

This is a great example of when fans overstep boundaries.

Family first, folks.