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Justin Bieber Just Publicly Challenged Tom Cruise To A Fight, And People Are Already Placing Their Bets

Justin Bieber is no stranger to odd behavior, but his most recent eye-catching tweet may have finally taken things a step too far.

On the evening of Sunday, June 9, Twitter was thrown into a frenzy by a post from Bieber challenging Hollywood star Tom Cruise to a fight in the UFC Octagon.

Twitter users couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Of course, there's no way Tom Cruise will be able to ignore the challenge.

Bieber calling out actor Tom Cruise is pretty much the last thing anyone expected.

Most people were in agreement, however, in their prediction that Cruise would win the bout.

The general consensus seemed to be that Cruise's extensive training and stunt experience gave him an edge.

If the pair DO end up going toe to toe, Conor McGregor volunteered to host the fight.



It's been a wild week in Hollywood...

Justin Bieber may already be regretting his challenge.

Having never interacted before to the public's knowledge, it's unknown whether Tom Cruise is even aware of Justin Bieber.

I guess good luck Justin and Tom on your upcoming fight?

If you want to check out Cruise's moves in advance, the 6-movie Mission Impossible collection is available here.

Please be careful not to hurt each other too bad.

And if you get a chance, please take a quick second to tell us why exactly this is happening.