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Trump Supporting TikToker Claimed He Fired All Vaxxed Employees At His Restaurant—And TikTok Made Him Regret It

Trump Supporting TikToker Claimed He Fired All Vaxxed Employees At His Restaurant—And TikTok Made Him Regret It

Spreading false information has a way of catching up to you—something Jody Pendleton learned in the hardest way possible.

Earlier this week Pendleton took to TikTok to brag about clever ways to skirt a federal mandate requiring businesses with over 100 employees to mandate vaccination.

Pendleton, who alluded to the fact he managed a restaurant chain, claimed to have 138 employees across four restaurants, only 46 of whom were vaccinated.

Pendleton revealed his easy solution to what he called "unconstitutional tyranny."

"So what'd I do? I fired every motherf*cking vaccinated employee we got."

While Pendleton's TikTok and all other social media accounts have since been disabled or deleted, TikTok whistleblower @thatdaneshguy reposted the video on his own page.

WARNING: NSFW language

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@thatdaneshguy went on to reveal Paparoni's Pizzeria and Grill and Countryside BBQ in South Carolina as Pendleton's places of work. He urged the 46 fired employees to consider a lawsuit.

Hands down the most frightening piece of information @thatdaneshguy shared was Pendleton was among the crowds who stormed the Capitol in the January 6 insurrection.

A pretty unbelievable story.

Actually, a completely unbelievable story. It turned out Pendleton was not who he claimed to be, as revealed by a subsequent post from @thatdaneshguy.

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As it turned out, Pendleton fabricated all the events of his first video and lied about being in charge of the restaurant chain.

Pendleton was in fact only the district manager, and thus did not fire any staff members.

However, @thatdaneshguy made it clear Pendleton's video remained damaging, even with this newfound information, and pointed out the real owner of the restaurant chain seemed to come to Pendleton's defense when responding to complaints on social media.

"If this guy just ruined you and your business, why are you showing any sympathy towards him? Why?'

@thatdaneshguy then revealed he had been in contact with the real owner of the restaurant and Pendleton was fired.

But in spite of receiving words of advice from @thatdaneshguy, Mike, the actual owner, still declined to release a statement separating the views of his restaurants from Pendleton.

@thatdaneshguy stated distancing the business from Pendleton was the best strategy.

"Nobody's gonna come for Paparoni's if we have a clear and concise understanding from Paparoni's."

The second video ended with a picture of Pendleton at the January 6 insurrection, with @thatdaneshguy urging viewers to check if he was on any "most wanted" lists.

It wasn't the last we heard from Pendleton on the matter, however.

@thatdaneshguy subsequently unearthed a follow up video from the self-declared "patriot" and "person who loves his constitution and his country" revealing he had, indeed, been "terminated."

WARNING: NSFW language

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While @thatdaneshguy's account of the video only featured Pendleton, whom he subsequently labeled the "Covid Goblin", confirming he was fired, The Daily Dot reported Pendleton had much more to say in the video.

This includes the fact restaurant owner Mike, whom he referred to as a "fellow patriot with really good views" accompanied him to the January 6 insurrection.

The Daily Dot also reported Pendleton posted another video in between the two shared by @thatdaneshguy, where Pendleton confessed to being the district manager and fabricated the story to prove a point.

"I wanted to show them how it would feel for them and their first-class citizens to be terminated for making a choice. Because that's really what's f*cking happening to the unvaccinated people."

Something Pendleton neglected to notice was unvaccinated people have the choice to keep their employment by getting vaccinated, and ensuring the safety of themselves and others, while the vaccinated individuals in his fake story had no choice in the matter.

Not surprisingly, Pendleton's "point" was met with considerable vitriol in the comments section, with many hoping his involvement at the January 6 insurrection will land him in jail.









According to The Daily Dot, Pendleton is certain he'll find employment in the immediate future.

"I'm sure there's somebody out there looking for a person that cares the way I do and is qualified to run a business the way I am."

Indeed, nothing says you care like impersonating your boss on social media to flaunt your political views and damaging the reputation of the business.