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Woman Stunned After Finding Receipt For Surveillance Equipment Under The Bed Of Her Airbnb

Woman Stunned After Finding Receipt For Surveillance Equipment Under The Bed Of Her Airbnb

A TikToker has left people in shock after she documented a truly disturbing discovery under her bed in an Airbnb—a receipt for surveillance equipment.

As the TikToker Arlen's video shows, the receipt is for more than $1000 worth of hidden cameras, audio recorders and flash drives.

See the video, which includes the receipt, below.


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The details included on the receipt make this whole story all the more chilling.

As Arlen explained in a follow-up video, seen below, among the things the Airbnb owner purchased were things like "Pocket Keychain Audio Recorder" and "Power Bank Hidden Camera"—cameras that look like normal, every day objects often provided in Airbnbs, like keychains for house keys and phone chargers.


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Arlen also explained she, her sister and her boyfriend have been staying in Airbnbs temporarily while they look for a house in the Houston area after relocating there from Utah.

Everything seemed off about this Airbnb right from the start.

The house looked entirely different to the photos they'd seen online, it was much smaller than advertised and it had a roach problem. But, as they were out of other options for their month-long stay, they had the owner move them to a different unit in the same building that mostly rectified the situation.

It wasn't until the final day of their stay they found the receipt under the bed, while cleaning up and preparing to leave. And given the cost of the equipment, Arlen and her family believe this was a serious attempt at surveillance.

"...[T]he price is over a thousand dollars, so it wasn't just something somebody did for fun or to experiment. Somebody put a lot of money into spying on people."

In a third follow-up, Arlen said she reported the situation to Airbnb.

But the company was not helpful to them at all, telling her to contact the owner instead.


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Arlen's fellow TikTokers definitely found her story alarming.








As of this writing, Arlen is still waiting to hear back from the Airbnb safety team about the incident.