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TikToker Stunned To Find Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents For Family In Late Grandparents' Attic

TikToker Stunned To Find Old, Wrapped Christmas Presents For Family In Late Grandparents' Attic

For many people, if they could have anything for Christmas, it would be to be reunited with loved ones who have passed away.

And while TikToker @hollybrooke92 wasn't reunited with her deceased grandparents this past Christmas, she still managed to celebrate Christmas with them in a manner of speaking.

This was because her cousin found old presents from her deceased grandparents stored in their attic.

@hollybrooke92 chronicled the heartwarming experience in a series of TikTok videos, the first of which has now received over 5 million views.


This is wild! Mine say from Nana who passed in 2015. The rugrats wrapping paper makes me think these are way before then even. #grandparents #crazy

The 48-second video captured a pair of hands removing a sizable pile of presents from a cardboard box, with the video's overlay explaining the context.

"My grandfather recently passed away, and my cousin found super old wrapped Christmas presents in the attic to my dad, my sister and I."
"We also found an old Christmas card with money in it from my Great Grandparents, who passed away around 2002."

@hollybrooke92 also noted in the video's overlay there was a present in the box from her grandmother, her Nana, who passed away in 2015.

But she also noted the Rugrats wrapping paper on some of the presents suggested they were wrapped and stored long before her Nana's passing.

A second video captured a pair of hands opening a Christmas card filled with money from her great-grandparents, "Meme" and "Homer".


Crazy this was just stored away for so long. I can’t wait to see what time period the gifts are from. #crazy #greatgrandparents #lostchristmaspresent

@hollybrooke92 noted in the video's overlay the bills were listed as being from the 1995 series.

Indeed when the note was opened, the contents revealed were two old five dollar bills, and one old ten dollar bill.

@hollybrooke92 then noted in the video's overlay the card had to have been wrapped between 1995, when her younger sister was born, and 2008, when her Meme passed away.

A third video saw @hollybrooke92 giving a closer examination of the vintage bills.


Reply to @candylovesstormy I tried googling how to track a bill but it brought me to and no luck. They look straight from the bank.

But @hollybrooke92 revealed in the video's caption she had no luck tracking down what year the cash was from.

"I tried googling how to track a bill but it brought me to and no luck."
"They look straight from the bank."

@hollybrooke92 finally began to reveal what lay under the wrapping paper of some of the gifts, first capturing her father opening his presents from within his car.


Reply to @useric9jh1qu3w I know he loved having one last Christmas with his parents in a way. My sister and I are looking forward to opening ours!

@hollybrooke92's father received a flashlight, a massage chair as well as a cover for when he worked with concrete.

The video's touching caption saw @hollybrooke92 declare how her father loved having the chance to spend "one last Christmas with his parents."

@hollybrooke92 then captured herself unwrapping her own presents from her late grandmother and grandfather, revealing in the overlay she was still wearing the dress she had worn to his funeral.


Reply to @allisonannmiles this is so my grandpas humor though. 2 almost identical gifts but the most amazing thing I could have received from them❤️

Each of her late grandparents gave her a light pink fleece snuggie, and she noted in the overlay a "cozy blanket" was something she asked for every Christmas.

@hollybrooke92 also noted receiving two of the same thing was likely "nothing interesting" to her fellow TikTokers, but she expressed her gratitude in the video's caption.

"This is so my grandpa's humor though."
"2 almost identical gifts but the most amazing thing I could have received from them."

However, some TikToker's took offense at @hollybrooke92 describing her presents as "nothing interesting", with some even accusing her of being ungrateful.

This led to another follow up video, which saw @hollybrooke92 speaking directly to the camera and putting the haters in their place.


Reply to @angelarreola9218 my grandpa gave me the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. #family #inspired #grandparents #imissyou #thankyou

@hollybrooke92 first made it clear in the videos' caption the two snuggly fleeces were "The best Christmas present anyone could ask for."

She also clarified when she said "nothing interesting", she was under the impression TikToker's expected the presents to be vintage toys or old relics.

She also made it clear how meaningful it was her cousin discovered these old gifts at Christmastime on the day of her grandfather's funeral.

"I love my grandparents, and I attended my grandfather's funeral today, and the fact that my cousin found old Christmas presents addressed to my family at Christmastime was not only amazing but made me feel that they were still with me today."
"Not only has he inspired me to purposefully do this for my family, but it looks like he's inspired a few others, which is the greatest Christmas gift that anybody could ask for."

The video concluded with a parade of comments of TikToker's intending to do the same for their children and grandchildren, having been so touched by @hollybrooke92's videos.

Indeed, @hollybrooke92's TikTok followers were outspoken in the joy these video's brought them, and how touched they were she received gifts from family members who meant so much to her who had since passed on.






@hollybrooke92 concluded the series with one final video of her proudly modeling her pink fleece snuggies.


Reply to @jacquelinechapman87 not bad gifts, not gonna lie ❤️ #lostchristmaspresent #snuggie #robe #StepandFlex #k18hairflip #MyPlayoffPicks

It's certainly wonderful @hollybrooke92 loved her presents.

But the memories of spending one more Christmas with her deceased grandparents is a gift far more valuable than anything found in a store.