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Videos Of Woman Effortlessly Sprinting On Grass And Gravel In Dangerously High Heels Leave The Internet In Awe


The U.S.'s elite athletes are known all over the world, from our American football stars to our Olympians.

But none of them can compete with a woman from TikTok who can not only sprint in heels, but can sprint in heels on any kind of surface you throw at her.

Tom Brady who?

The woman, who goes by feliciamonique8 on the platform, has gone wildly viral for her peerless high-heel prowess.

@feliciamonique08 ##duet with @cityboiixx It's cold as heck today, but since y'all wanted to see this here you go 😁 ##heelschallenge ##levelup ##heels ##grass ##sprint ##fyp
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It all began with a video posted by fellow TikToker @cityboiixx.

In his video, cityboiixx wore several pairs of ever more challenging sky-high heels, from a pair of chunky-heeled boots to a pencil-thin stiletto, in which he sprinted full-out through an apartment complex parking lot.

Feliciamonique08 decided to do him one better, sprinting in the same progression of towering heels as cityboiixx--but on grass, which as anyone who regularly wears heels will tell you is a recipe for a rolled ankle or five.

And just for an extra challenge, she did it on a super cold day. As she said in her video's caption:

"It's cold as heck today, but since y'all wanted to see this here you go."

Feliciamonique08, however, is the time of gal who laughs in the face of both cold and danger!

So much so that she made a follow-up TikTok showing her running through even more terrains, like concrete, loose gravel, and lose dirt that then becomes a patch of grass. Not one time did she so much as teeter off-balance, let alone falter.

The results were truly impressive.

@feliciamonique08 Added some new levels 😁 Shout out to @cityboiixx for the original idea. They are amazing! ##heelschallenge ##heels ##allterrain ##sprint ##run ##fyp ##cold
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As cityboiixx put it in his original video, "Bi*ch, who can't run in heels?!"

And on Twitter, people were in awe of Feliciamonique08's unparalleled skill.

Feliciamonique08's videos have gone mega viral, with one follow-up getting nearly four million views on TikTok and millions more on Twitter.

@feliciamonique08 Thanks for all the Love! I tried to incorporate the various request into 1 video. Enjoy cause I was πŸ₯Ά #heels #running #runner #fyp #allterrain #cold
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@feliciamonique08 Since everyone kept asking for snow, it appeared overnight so I put my heels on for y'all 😁 #run #heels #snow #cold #fyp #nottoday #imgone #levelup
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Who knows how many new elite high-heel runners she'll inspire?