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Woman Stunned To Find Strange Man Asleep On Her Sofa—But She Handles It Like A Pro

Woman Stunned To Find Strange Man Asleep On Her Sofa—But She Handles It Like A Pro

For some of us, one of our greatest fears is the possibility of someone breaking into our home.

So when it actually happens, what are we supposed to do?

And if the moment winds up being sort of hilarious... how should we react?

One woman in the United Kingdom shared her very first video on TikTok as she struggled to answer this exact question. A man had broken into her conservatory or 3-season room and fallen asleep.

His possessions, including a phone and wallet, were strewn on the floor. He had haphazardly tucked himself in with a blanket and a couch pillow sitting on his hip.

You can watch the video here:


what better way to do my first tiktok than to document my 6am ✨ trauma ✨

The woman, who identifies as "Tasha" on TikTok, said in the video:

"So my mum woke me up at 6 am shouting that there was a man asleep in the conservatory and I went to have a look."

Tasha addressed the man:

"Excuse me, do you know you're in someone's house."

But the man was dumbfounded:


Tasha pressed:

"Yeah, you're in our house."

The man replied:

"Oh, sorry."

Tasha continued to inquire:

"Were you drunk last night?"

The man admitted:

"I was a little bit, yeah. I was just trying to find my house."

Tasha asked:

"Whereabouts do you live?"

The man said:

"Up in Hadfield."

Tasha laughed:

"Yeah, this isn't Hadfield..."

The man quickly removed his things without causing any further trouble.

But when he got outside, he looked around and asked:

"Oh my gosh, whereabouts am I?"
"Yeah, sorry about that, apologies."

Tasha then reviewed her outdoor camera footage and discovered the man had attempted to get into her car before peering into her conservatory and letting himself in.

Some people were terrified at the idea of someone breaking into their home.






Others couldn't help but see the humor in what happened.



A few made comments about the UK.



It was certainly a strange and startling occurrence, but it was easy enough to resolve in the end.

This could have ended so much worse for everyone if the man had resisted or had poor intentions.

But it looks like he just needed somewhere to lay his head for the night.