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Jack In The Box Worker Horrified After Assuming She Lost Her Nose Ring In Someone's Food Order

Jack In The Box Worker Horrified After Assuming She Lost Her Nose Ring In Someone's Food Order

Every one of us has messed up at work in one way or another.

But have you ever made a mistake that not only lost you a $500 diamond but also possibly endangered someone's life AND all but certainly violated multiple health codes?

Precisely that mortifying trifecta is what befell a fast-food worker on TikTok named Tashi when she suddenly realized in the midst of her shift at Jack in the Box that her diamond nose ring was missing—and it was most likely in someone's food.

Tashi documented the mishap on TikTok, where she goes by tashbratt.

As you might expect, it struck quite the chord.


Just waiting on someone to call and complain🤧 y’all they gonna fire me I just know it

In the video, Tashi could be seen hand over mouth and eyes wide in horror as she realized the unfortunate mistake.

The text onscreen further underlined her horror:

"Bye I lost my nose ring in someone's order."

Tashi's caption, too, gave a glimpse into the nail-biting anxiety such a thing would cause.

She wrote:

"Just waiting on someone to call and complain🤧 y'all they gonna fire me I just know it"

In a follow-up video, Tashi showed herself frantically searching for the nose ring, but to no avail.

She wittily captioned that video with an apology to anyone who might have eaten at her Jack in the Box location that day.


Moment of realizing that it was gone, if you ate at jack in the box yesterday I am so sorry🤧

So how did this all go down?

In further video installments, Tashi explained her nose ring frequently gets caught on her mask. She'd pulled her mask off in a huff during an exasperating moment when she realized one of her coworkers had not stocked a certain supply she needed.

She realized the nose ring, which was a $500 diamond, was missing while using the restroom. She was unable to find it even with her coworkers' help.

She finally just had to accept it was gone and probably fell in someone's food bag, quipping "somebody's going to be blessed" by the expensive diamond.

Naturally, Tashi's fellow TikTokers were left in hysterics by her equal parts bizarre and gross mishap.







And, of course, people also started jokingly making videos as if they'd found Tashi's nose ring in their food.


i hope they get fired smh

And then TikTokers started cackling about THAT.




As for whether or not Tashi got fired?

In her most recent TikTok she reported that she had just been promoted at her Jack in the Box, so at least this story has a happy ending.