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Viral TikTok Showing How Twister Ice Pops Are Made Leaves Viewers Flabbergasted

TikToker @m.rahman5000's video showing how the popular frozen treats are made left viewers with whiplash.

TikTok screenshots of Twisters being made and Twitter reaction reading 'I felt violated yet strangely mesmerized'
@m.rahman5000/TikTok; @TheGMcConnachie/Twitter

A video on TikTok showing how the popular Twister frozen treat is made has gone viral and made its way across multiple social media platforms.

TikToker @m.rahman5000 posted a video of the process, and the creation has already racked up nearly 55 million views—and that's not including the count on other platforms!

Why is this "how it's made" video so popular, you ask?

Well, it's difficult to put into words, but viewers have described it as "deeply, deeply disturbing" and "genuinely distressing."

You see, the TikTok begins innocently enough by showing the pink ice cream being encased in its signature green and yellow "twister" ribboning.

But then the ice pops are pushed out of a machine in one piece before meeting their fate at the chopping station, where it's then sliced into smaller portions.

Next, the ice pops are violently jabbed with their stick of a handle—quite haphazardly and, well, wonkily—which is the moment that really seemed to disturb the viewers.

The finished Twisters are then placed in a freezer before being packaged and shipped for your enjoyment.

You can watch the operation in action below.



People on social media who thought they were in for an aesthetically pleasing experience voiced their anguish, specifically over the disorderly and aggressive placement of the sticks.

And some were unsure whether they were disturbed or delighted by what they witnessed.

Now you know how it's made!

And you can never unsee it.