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TikTokers Unload On Woman After Catching Her On Camera Harassing Asian Family In California Park


A California woman has quickly become infamous online after she was caught on video following an Asian family in an Orange County park and harassing them.

The woman's racism-fueled behavior added her to an unfortunately long list of people who've set their hateful sights on Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) people throughout the United States since the beginning of the pandemic.

The intolerant woman's behavior was filmed and uploaded by TikToker _numlock, who captioned the post with a description we've become all too familiar with.

" a park in Orange County harassing an Asian family... #stopasianhate"

The video began in the middle of the incident. The woman had clearly been following and yelling at the Asian family, who was slowly walking away from her, apparently to prevent escalating the incident further.

The narrator of the video assured the family by saying "You guys are alright, you guys are good," then filmed as his girlfriend addressed the woman.

"Can you stop harassing them? There's no reason to follow them with a baby, they have a kid."
"You're a grown woman, go back to your corner."

When the woman tried to take aim at the guy filming the video, his girlfriend had some more choice words.

"My boyfriend? I will protect him at all costs. I need you to walk away. I need you to walk away."

A wild “Karen” seen at a park in Orange County harassing an Asian family. Cute dog tho... #karen #publicfreakout #stopasaianhate #OC

Of the over 400 thousand people who tuned in to the clip, several were grateful for their decision to step in and pull the woman away from the family.





Nelly Alvarado/TikTok

A second video posted by _numlock showed a longer version of the incident.

The woman repeatedly accused the Asian family of "gang stalking," a phenomenon in which someone feels they're being watched, followed and plotted against by a group of people.

Psychology Today, identified gang stalking as a phenomenon commonly based in paranoid and delusional thinking.


“OC Karen” Part 2 - I tried answering as many questions as possible with this edit. Buena Park, CA #karen #stopasianhate #publicfreakout #OC

Like so many of the TikTokers in the comments, we're just glad no one was hurt and _numlock and company were willing to step in and help keep the family safe.