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Guy Has Meltdown After Woman Rejects Him Following First Date Due To His Misogynistic Behavior

Guy Has Meltdown After Woman Rejects Him Following First Date Due To His Misogynistic Behavior

A woman who had a horrible first date decided to call it quits by letting him know in a text thread.

When the guy asked why there wouldn't be a second date, a head-spinning conversation followed after she called him out for his misogyny as the main reason for her lack of interest.

TikToker Haley, a.k.a. @haleyhydee, shared her back and forth exchange in a TikTok video in which she disclosed to him, "this isn't going to work out."

The guy, whose name is "Trace," responded:

"That's cool, why though?"

Since Trace was asking, Haley let him have it without beating around the bush.


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"u were being super misogynistic and ik [I know] you weren't doing it on purpose but that sh*ts not charming or funny and hasn't been for a long time," she wrote.

Not getting her clear message, he asked her what "misogynistic" meant.



She called him out for his apparent hypocrisy by saying, "didn't u say that ur biggest pet peeve was ignorant ppl [people]? look it up."

"I would if I cared," he said and proceeded to casually insult her intelligence with, "You use big words for being a barista."



"See this is exactly what I mean," said Hayley, pointing out that what he said perfectly illustrated what she tried to convey.

She continued:

"u can't expect to get anywhere with a girl if ur going to talk down to them."

Nonplussed by her dating tip, Trace replied:

"I'm not the only one missing out so I'm good with it."


When she dismissed him by wishing him well on his "third first date," he wrote back:

"Hopefully the next looks as good as the pics and has a personality."

Haley commented on his sudden 180 of his interest in her after being rejected and accused him of having "tiny man syndrome," to which he said, "I thought about dropping u off before we got dinner but gave you a chance."

Yet, the beginning of the text thread was of him initiating the convo first.

"Morning dork. Feel better so I can kiss you later."



Haley then explained he should have dropped her off because "the first question u asked told me we weren't having a second date."

While the question she was referring to wasn't revealed in the video, she explained to viewers with a caption that "his last date didn't work out because he called the girl an 'airhead.'"



Hayley didn't require further clarification about his chauvinistic tendencies, but his last comment really drove it home.

Trace declared:

"Women do need to know their role though."

If he was going for getting a rise out of her, it worked. However, he was not ready for this brilliant clap back.

"Ur a sexist piece of sh*t dude. No self-respecting woman is gonna wanna be with u."
"Hence why ur 24, single, and can't get past first dates. This isn't the 1800s, women know their worth, and know there are men out there that won't treat them as a piece of f'king property."

She concluded:

"The way u talk is disgusting, and u can't handle rejection. It's sad."

Unsurprisingly, he seemed to have tuned her out and continued belittling her with:

"Impressive for a barista. Wanna keep going?"


Hayley's video went viral with over 1.4 million views.

Thank goodness she listened to her instincts about him and dodged a major misogynistic missile.