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Guy Calls Out TikToker Who Pretended He Was Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend On A Plane While He Slept

Guy Calls Out TikToker Who Pretended He Was Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend On A Plane While He Slept

Most of us have had the experience of watching a social media video and sensing it might be faked.

But one woman on TikTok took things to a whole new level by getting caught in the act.

TikToker @isabellathompson8761 posted a video she took on a plane in which she claimed the sleeping man beside her was her cheating ex-boyfriend.

But there was one big problem.

The man was also a TikTok user. After her video went viral he caught her red-handed using him for internet clout.

See his video calling her out below.


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In his video, TikToker @junderwoogie, whose name is Jack, posted a screenshot of @isabellathompson8761's video confirming it is him who appeared in it without his consent and the whole thing had been a fraud.

"I’ve got no idea what is going on."
"That’s me. I sat next to her on a plane, and she’s made some TikTok saying I’m her ex-boyfriend."
"No idea who she is."

After Jack's video went viral, the woman has since deleted the videos she made in which Jack appeared.

But he was able to obtain and post recordings of them, which you can see below.


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In the videos, @isabellathompson8761 tells the story of catching her ex-boyfriend cheating on her during a trip to Amsterdam. She shared screenshots of text messages in which she confronted him about it.

The videos conclude with her claiming the ex-boyfriend agreed to fly home with her, whereupon she planned to break up with him forever after successfully ruining his trip.

The ill-gotten photo of Jack sleeping on the plane beside her was meant to be proof he flew home to London with her.

The woman's account has now been scrubbed of all videos except those of her reacting to the debacle—first telling people to leave her alone, then lamenting no one was on her side and finally owning up to her "clout-chasing" which she called "very wrong."

People on TikTok couldn't help but laugh about the absurdity of it all.











Let this be a lesson, social media users--if you're going to stage something for clout, make sure you have all your performers' consent!