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Three-Year-Old Shows Off Her Impressive Sheep-Handling Skills—And, Honestly, It's Better Than We Could Do

Barley, three, handles a sheep in Norfolk (Caitlin Jenkins/PA)

Barley has impressed thousands with her sheep-handling ability as a three-year-old. Now, her skills have gone viral.

Barley lives on a farm in Norfolk with her mother Caitlin Jenkins and her father.

She was gifted her own flock of sheep on her first birthday so already has more than two years of experience.

And when a video of her sheep-handling entry to an online agricultural show was posted online, it did not take long for Barley to win the hearts of the public.

The Greatest Online Agricultural Show gives people the chance to show their livestock online after the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of rural shows.

Each show has a category for kids. So, kids under 8-years-old who have been raised in farms show off their skills.

In Barley's video, she can be seen alongside Ethel the sheep, taking her for a walk and commanding her to stand.

“As a family we have around 200 sheep on the farm, however the Border Leicester sheep belong to Barley," Jenkins told the PA news agency.

“Ethel is the oldest sheep in the flock, she's very kind and has a good friendship with Barley."

Understandably, the internet was loving this unusual friendship.

One person even captured the moment in a drawing.

Turns out, these skills are practiced all over the world.

“Barley loves nothing more than to be outside with us farming, she is very hands on and gets stuck in come rain or shine," Jenkins said.