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This New 'Driving In' Meme Hilariously Roasts Each State's Most Ridiculous Billboards


If you've driven in your state for any amount of time, you may not think about your billboards anymore. The scenery as you drive has become nothing more than background noise as you commute to work, or drive on the highway to visit another city.

But I'm sure if you think about it, you know the weird signs and landscape that define your state.

The new meme taking Twitter by storm is mocking/celebrating that very idea.

The tweets use emojis and a little ASCII art to depict cars driving down a road, with billboards and signs that represent their state.

Some are pretty darn realistic.

It is unknown where the meme originated, but people have taken to it. It's surprisingly relatable and alien at the same time.

When you see a state you recognize it's really fun. And states you don't recognize make you wonder if they're joking.

These have to be taking a few liberties.

Sometimes it's a tourist trap that everyone knows about. Other times it's those religious scaremongering signs. Whatever it is, your state's billboards have an identity all their own.

Even when you exaggerate, it's really easy for people familiar with the area to tell which billboard you're talking about.

Though, these have to be way off base, right? Right?

We'll see how long this meme lasts. Feel free to jump on Twitter and join in the fun. In the meantime, I feel like going for a drive.