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Gang Of Female Thieves Steals $17k Worth Of Yoga Pants From One Lululemon Store

Fresno Police Department/Facebook

A surveillance video taken at a Lululemon store in Fresno, California shows what might just be the most ballsy display of thievery ever captured on tape.

The video taken on Sunday shows three women nonchalantly walk into the high-end yoga store carrying duffel bags. Another camera picks them up heading straight to the back of the story where they proceed to shove the expensive yoga pants into the duffel bags by the handfuls. In total the women walked out with over $17,000 worth of merchandise while employees and customers stood back and watched.

One woman, yoga instructor Christine Brown, who happened to be at the store said she was too shocked to do anything.

For me, I was just shocked, and I froze. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if there was anything I could do.The manager was just trying to keep everything calm, saying 'It's okay, it's okay.'

According to police this isn't the first time the trio have stolen yoga pants. They believe the women are part of a larger ring that has stolen over $145,000 worth of the yoga pants in California.

Folks on Twitter aren't having a whole lot of sympathy for the overpriced company.

While stealing is never okay, maybe the real crime here is over charging the public for yoga pants.

H/T: People, ABC