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People Who Had That 'I'm Gonna Marry Them' Vibe Share Their Experiences

Reddit user Budget_Dot694 asked: 'people who have had an “I’m going to marry this person” instinct - what happened?'

Happy couple

Relationships may not always be meant to be, but there are some that without a doubt are meant to last forever.

Ironically, some of these ride-or-die relationships are the ones that the couple figures out really early on, much too early for most other people's comfort, leading them to worry that the couple is rushing into things.

But you know what they say: "When you know, you know."

Redditor Budget_Dot694 asked:

"People who have had an 'I'm going to marry this person' instincts, what happened?"

Not Even That Cool, Right

"After coming back from our first date a friend asked me how it went. I was playing it cool with my responses."

"He could tell I was smitten and was having none of it, and I began to say, 'I don't even think she's that cool!'"

"A little voice in the back of my head said, 'Careful, you are going to marry her someday.'"

"Anyway, it turns out she is still very much cooler than me eighteen years later."

- conlaeb

"Future Wife" on Speed Dial

"I married her..... she's actually still saved in my phone as 'Future Wife.'"

- Waste_Tangelo_289

Called It!

"My dad went to a basketball game in 1963. He saw one of the cheerleaders that he thought was cute, turned to his buddy, and said, 'I'm going to marry that girl!'"

"This March will be their 54th anniversary."

- edgarpickle

Good Manners Go Far

"The first time I saw my wife some 20-plus years ago in high school, I said I'm going to marry that girl. I did, we have been married for 20 years, and together for 24. Three kids, mortgage, etc."

"No deal-breaking complaints. It does take effort, communication, and compromise."

"The first thing I said to her was, 'Good morning, beautiful,' as I held the door for her at school, to which she rebutted, 'F**k you, a**hole.'"

"That really sealed the deal for me. I had to make her my wife."

- youdoitbusy

Silly Rabbit

"He is stealing the carrots off my plate right now."

- tryoracle

"You married a rabbit?"

- Think-Stretch-2709

"Carrots are bad for rabbits. Too much sugar."

- tryoracle

"That explains a lot of Bugs Bunny behavior."

- Think-Stretch-2709

High School Sweetheart Energy

"He was in the same Japanese class as me. I saw him walk in the very first day and a little voice inside me said, ‘Holy s**t, that’s my husband.’"

"The funny thing was he wasn’t really my type, I was going through a dirty-guitar-playing-hippie phase, and he was very clean-cut with buzzed hair and a polo shirt. But there was this little mischievous glimmer in his eyes and I just immediately had a crush."

"We were dating by the end of the week after he followed me out of class to strike up a conversation as we walked to the bus stop. That was in 2007 and we’ve been together ever since."

- Dusty_Old_Bones

Simply Meant to Be

"We got married. Together 14 years now and this year will be our fifth wedding anniversary. He’s my best friend, can’t imagine doing life without him."

- strawberrypops

Two Ships Passing

"I experienced love at first sight once. That was decades ago now, but I still think about her frequently. I've never met another woman I connect with as naturally as we did. I feel like we missed the mark, and should have ended up together, but life just got in the way and we ended up drifting apart. I hope she's super happy, though."

- Of_Mice_And_Meese

The Most Important Part

"The night I met my husband, I went home and woke up my roommate to tell her that I'd met the man I was going to marry."

"35 years later, we're still together, and even better, we still like each other."

- corvidlover13

Definitely Not a Phase

"We only knew each other online. I was 16, and he was 17. He sent me a pic, tons of piercings, flipping the bird, and I was in love."

"I showed my mom and told her I was going to marry him one day. My mom's eyes bugged out and she said, 'Him!?!'"

"I did end up marrying him and she jokes that if we ever split up, he gets to stay in the family and I’m out. She loves him."

"We finally met in person when I was 20, moved in together three months after meeting, and got married three months after that. Tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary."

- Ahpla

Third Time's the Charm!

"I saw my husband at a concert, I laughed at a joke he made. He mad-dogged me and we both walked away."

"Later, I went to see a battle of the bands thing and he was a lead vocalist. I still got that connection from him but never saw him again..."

"Then a few weeks later, my friends woke me up to ask if I wanted to hang out with a friend, who coincidentally lived like a block away from me. And guess who that was, haha."

"We have been married for almost eight years now, and I couldn't have asked for a better man." - forkin_curtains

Worth It

"When I met him 15 years ago, he immediately made me feel like I needed to simultaneously be my-selfiest-of-selfs yet become a way better person, just to make sense of it all."

"An intense aura of 'too good to be true' but with a healthy level of 'but it's real now so don't eff it up.' And we're still happy."

- soupjuice

In It for the Long Haul

"I had an immediate reaction to meeting him, like a light shining down and angels singing. He doesn't even remember us getting introduced, lol (laughing out loud). It was his first day at work, so he was pretty overwhelmed, but I'm still a little salty I didn't stand out at all."

"But we still consider that day as our first day together, even though we didn't start dating until a month later. We've now been together 21 years and married for 18."

"It was a lot of work for the first 10 years. We both had a lot of growing up and maturing to do. Now, I don't wanna jinx it, but it's pretty f**king blissful."

- TrainwreckMooncake

That's One Way to Settle In!

"Emigrated to Canada, and after the first couple of months there, a work colleague invited me out to a friend's birthday… I met a girl and told her I was gonna marry her one day. We celebrate our 20th anniversary next year!"

- Loafer75

We Love the Confidence

"I remember coming home and telling my mom, 'I'm going to marry her.' And then I dated her so hard and married the s**t out of her."

"That was, like, fifteen years ago and she's next to me watching 'Bob's Burgers.'"

- DontBeSuspicious_00

While not every love story is meant to end in a happily ever after, these accounts certainly put a smile on our faces and gave us a chance to believe in love again.