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Man Recalls A Terrifying Story To Warn Others About The Dangers Of Ouija Boards

Man Recalls A Terrifying Story To Warn Others About The Dangers Of Ouija Boards
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Actress Linda Blair played with a Ouija board in the 1973 film The Exorcist, and things did not turn out well. Now, a Twitter user warns us not to be like Linda Blair.

Just in time to scare the bejesus out of us for Halloween, Twitter user @STOPFLEXIN took to his social media account to tell us a horrifying story from childhood of playing with a Ouija board with his cousin.

Professional tip: Don't do it.

It seems Hitchcock had an aunt who collected skulls and such, and owned a shop in New Orleans.

After having a stroke, she was wheelchair bound. During Hurricane Katrina, she did not evacuate and drowned.

An uncle brought back some of her possessions, including a Ouija board. That is when things got strange.

After asking some typical teenage questions and not getting answers, Hitchcock and his cousin called on his dead aunt. Then things get really weird.

The boys hide under a bed, and, after realizing his phone is in the other room, Hitchcock runs to get it. That's when they realize they are not alone.


Hitchcock grabs a shotgun and starts shooting.


Eventually, a neighbor shows up, but the horror story isn't over yet.


Alas, it would seem Hitchcock was outplayed by his aunt.

The moral of the story? Hitchcock should've listened to Linda Blair, and we should listen to Hitchcock. They gave us the same great warning: don't play with Ouija boards.

It was all fun and games when Linda Blair's character Regan started to play with one:

The Exorcist 1973 Ouija SceneYouTube

But we all know how that ended:


Hitchcock and his dramatic tale succeeded in freaking people out.

Kids...just stick with Chutes and Ladders.

H/T: Twitter Moments, YouTube