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Texas Officials Just Found A Missing Ballot Box That Could Change The Results Of An Election


A $569 million bond proposal to build two new high schools in Midland, Texas is facing numerous complications within the democratic process.

The proposal initially failed by 25 votes in November, triggering a recount which ended with it passing by 11 votes.

But it's not over yet.

A staffer at Midland's election office found a box at the bottom of a shelf that contained 836 uncounted ballots—more than enough to overturn the results of the election for a second time.

After confirmation from the election office of the ballots' authenticity, the box was opened by court order and officials are tallying up the votes, though it isn't a certainty that the revelatory ballots will result in an overhaul of the prior count.

Watch below.

Kel Seliger, the state senator representing Midland, tweeted that the Texas Secretary of State overseeing elections is working with officials in Midland on how to move forward.

Elections administrator Deborah Land confessed that the mishap was "human error" and that she may have been the one to move it to the shelf where it stayed for over a month.

The saga has people exhausted.

In a time of faltering confidence in election security across the nation, some suspect foul play.

Investigations and talks on how to proceed are ongoing.