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Texas Deputy Under Investigation After He's Captured On Camera Punching Teen In The Face

Texas Deputy Under Investigation After He's Captured On Camera Punching Teen In The Face
ABC 13

A Texas Deputy near Houston is under investigation after punching a sixteen-year-old high school sophomore in the face and tackling him to the concrete at a gas station where he was filling up his ATV last week.

A friend of the teen caught the entire encounter on a GoPro camera, which was obtained by local news station ABC 13.

WARNING: language and violence

In the video, the Deputy was seen approaching the teen, named Carlos, and demanding he show his ID. He then instructed Carlos to turn around and put his hands behind his back, presumably to handcuff and arrest him, with no explanation given.

When Carlos pulled away, the Deputy grabbed him, hurled profanity at him and punched him. He then tackled Carlos to the ground and punched him again repeatedly as he lay on the concrete.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced Wednesday the Deputy is under investigation and was placed on administrative duty.

Carlos told Houston's ABC 13 he thinks he may have had an encounter with the Deputy previously after riding his ATV on the street, as he had just done en route to the gas station where the incident occurred. Riding ATVs on the street is illegal, but Carlos said he's never gotten in trouble for doing so before.

He also told ABC 13 the Deputy's lack of explanation for approaching him and restraining him made Carlos panic.

"He just looked at my ID for like two seconds and said to put my hands behind my back. That's when I panicked a little and pulled away from him and he grabbed me."
Carlos also said he didn't think the Deputy's handling of the situation was appropriate.
"I just don't think I should be treated in that manner for riding on the street... A lot of 16-year-olds got ATVs ... (they) want to have fun with their friends."

The video left many people outraged.

Carlos was arrested and charged with evading arrest.

The deputy was placed on desk duty pending the Sheriff's Department's investigation of the incident.