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Skier Who Lost Gwyneth Paltrow Lawsuit Was Asked If It Was Worth It—And His Response Was Brutal

Terry Sanderson told reporters he was 'very disappointed' in the verdict in the highly publicized case against the Oscar winner.

Terry Sanderson; Gwyneth Paltrow
Rick Bowmer-Pool/Getty Images; Rick Bowmer-Pool/Getty Images

If you haven't been glued to the legal back-and-forth ski collision lawsuit between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and optometrist Terry Sanderson, you've been missing out.

Skiing, suiing, counter-suing: this had it all.

However, Sanderson, who ultimately lost the lawsuit and was forced to pay the $1 + Legal fees to Paltrow, told reporters he was disappointed in the trial, especially the highly publicized series of legal proceedings.

When asked if it was worth it, he replied:

"Absolutely not."
"It's like, I'm going to be on the internet forever."

He did also reveal to reporters at the end of the trial—in a picture that had many people wondering what she said—Sanderson reported Paltrow said:

"I wish you well."

As this was the popcorn lawsuit entertainment for the past month or so, there were plenty of comments as the trial wrapped up.

People were torn between reading Paltrow as ice cold or as quite classy.

Others were interested to hear what she wanted to say to Sanderson.

Some came up with their own version of what she might have said.

For those who were glued to the spectacle, now that it's over they want it more formally adapted.

Others, however, are on the "this was stupid" train of thought.

In regards to Sanderson, many folks wondered what he thought would happen if he sued a celebrity.

At the very least we can all get what he's feeling right now.

On the bright side for Sanderson, while this was definitely a public spectacle, the public's attention span is very short.

We'll probably forget this ever happened.

Someone else was a bit more blunt.

Let's hope he's got the $1 plus legal fees on hand.