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Teenagers Explain How Millennials Are Already Out Of Touch

Y'all are already last season.

Teenagers Explain How Millennials Are Already Out Of Touch

The world is on fire. Literally. Civilization seems to have completely lost it's way. And every generation is looking for another to blame. And Lord there is plenty of blame to go around. The newbies... the Generation Z... have some strong opinions and thoughts for the Millennials. How could they not? The Z's have the most to lose before they've even begun.

Redditor u/joe_internet wanted to hear from all the grown' children out there about their opinions on the generation before them by asking....

Kids and teenagers of Reddit, what are some ways Millenials are already out of touch?

Meme Culture.


How fast the meme culture progresses nowadays.

The difference in abstraction between Bad Luck Brian and the Loss meme is like black and white. You need to constantly immerse yourself in that culture or otherwise you'll feel immediately alienated when you return back after a year.


Age Ranged. 

The fact that millennials refers to ages 23 to 38 and not just everyone young.


Millennial and "whippersnappers" are interchangeable at this point.


How different they think we are from them.

How different they think we are from them. I was born in 2000, and like seriously, I know what a VHS is!!! All of my favorite movies as a kid was on a damn VHS. Yes we had those stupid old projectors they would write on with marker in school, we had those butt scooters in gym, we lived very similar lives as the 90's kids, it's hilarious to hear them talk! We all had flip phones and rubber poppers and all the same toys XD But I still love all you millennials!!


Not Cute. 

The fact that they're already making fun of the younger generation. I'm sure I'll end up like that someday with whatever generation is below me, because that's how it's always been. But the fact that there is a younger generation and they choose to make fun of it, shows that they are no longer the young pure generation.


Dial Tone.


I'm a millennial and my 17 year old coworker called me a boomer for how I was using my phone.

I can say I feel out of touch because I no longer catch on to certain words being used, don't know the trends from Tik Tok, nor do I follow trending figures as much as I used to so I just don't know certain people they follow.


Seems like I'm the only Gen Z commenting but anyway....

They are already on that "back in my day" bs where they romanticize older tv shows and talk crap about the "kids these days", they truly don't see the irony and often bully younger kids for liking popular video games and contemporary singers when they've technically had the worst generational scandals.


Thanks for Nothing. 

Well I'm an early Gen Z and I was 9 or 10 by the time of the recession. Now I am almost done with college, and I grew up in the SF Bay area. People my age have a very bleak view of the world and the economy. They say the economy is booming now, yet there isn't that hopeful feeling. I have taken coding classes in school, but there definitely is a problem if only one line of work pays enough for you to live in the same region you grew up in. I know I'll probably never be able to afford a house in my hometown and every day I see despair on the streets.

Idk, it's the general vibe like, growing up knowing things won't get better but that you can only make the most of whatever's left. Millennials are disillusioned because the recession came just as they became adults, but they haven't spent their entire adolescence knowing that there will be nothing left for them. Gen Z isn't disillusioned, they have just never expected anything better.


Define "Failure"

It doesn't seem like anyone has answered yet so I'll try to give my perspective as a millennial.

I'd say I'm fairly tech-savvy, tech support is actually part of my job. A lot of older people are worried that they'll break whatever tech device they're working with at the time and they call themselves "dumb", which I argue every time. I've already noticed ways in which tech has moved beyond me in my 30s.

I think younger people are using tech in ways I didn't and may never, depending on my career and personal trajectory. That's where I really look for the biggest change in the coming years and I'm kinda already pre-amused at my assumed "failure".


"Only 90s kids will remember." 

Sort of like when you hear "only 90s kids will remember." Most things you see from that are from slightly before my generation, but I wasn't alive for the civil war and I still know what that is so why is it so shocking when I've heard the letters V, H, and S in that order and actually know what it is.


The Broken.


I mean this could be just my opinion, but I think millennials are still trying to make change happen. I'm Gen Z and kind of have just accepted how crappy everything is and how broken systems are.

Everything is kind of a whatever and just go with it. I mean I would like to Reform the US healthcare system but is it actually very going to happen, no). Most of the kids I go to school with have just accepted school shootings and stuff and just don't really care about when they happen now. Its just like well if I die being shot at school, whatever I guess. (I don't know this is just my 2 cents).


Feel the Pain

Not letting Gen Zs have feelings lmao, i mean whenever I'm feeling down millennials would be like "You have never experienced real anxiety!" Without even knowing me, and knowing that I'm actually diagnosed by a f psychologist. Or if I'm talking about shows I used to like when I was younger just telling me that theirs were better. Hey calm down pls.


Cry Babies

The constant complaints.


Damn. This hurts. I admit all I do is complain. I especially complain about young people not even having a chance.


Better Bad Times

Bullying in schools. I don't know how accurate those 90's high school movies were, but they are very different that my school experience. I was born in 2004, and I'm in grade 10. So far, I've attended 4 different school, and none of them had any real bullying going on.

Of course there was teasing and mean kids in younger grades, but that pretty much all stopped in grade 4. Even in high school, I've never seen anyone get bullied. The most violent act in my Canadian high school that I've seen so far was this mob of grade 12s that went and yelled at this kid for stealing a grade 9s shoes. That's it.


The Pose

fitness stretching GIF by 8fitGiphy

I'm only barely Gen z (1998) but I still feel somewhat qualified to answer this question.

Whenever I hear self proclaimed Millenials complain about dabbing, I can't help but think "...didn't you guys invent planking?"


Stuck in the Middle

I think Millenials talk crap but don't try to make change. I think they're also forgetting what they supposedly went through because of "boomers." I'm really smack dab in the middle of Millenial and Gen z. When I told my friends they're probably also Gen z, they cringed and whined about being like the "tick tock generation" but they loved vine so what's the actual difference here?


It's Like That

Gen Z is smaller and more reserved. We kinda just go "it be like that sometimes" because it's the only world we know. We're also mostly in school so we won't actually interact with many true millennials, and politicians just kind of lump us in the same bunch of young whippersnappers anyways.


thank you internet

There seems to be this huge trend of making the 90s Superior to everything and they are so much better because they are 90s babies, like give it a rest, you were 3 years old in 1999 don't act like you were living it up. And we know stuff, we know that TV show, we know that song, and we know who that is, we have the internet.


You're Here!

GIF by RedditGiphy

Given top answers are from Millenials, I'd say going to reddit and expecting kids and teenagers to show up in AskReddit thread is being out of touch. I suppose most kids nowadays must be using other websites or apps (names of which I don't even know, heh).



I'm a millennial in grad school that mentors/teaches a lot of Gen Z kids. SO MUCH SLANG I'm already out of touch with. "hit the woah" vsco girls, so much suicidal humor. I was never jiggy with it but boy do I feel old now.


Man I'm 1999 so the start of Gen Z, and I went to this one party with a group of friends like one year younger than me, and it was strange. Every bong hit/shot of liquor had to be recorded, I got asked to hit the woah and had to ask Why/What it is.


You Stupid

Man they already act so stuck up like boomers. 'Anyone born after 199X is stupid' and stuff like that. I once saw a 90s kid in YouTube comments unironically complain about how kids nowadays won't understand the 'pain' of rolling up a car window with a handle instead of a button. Seriously. I call them 90s boomers.


Out of Touch

Severus Snape School GIF by Harry PotterGiphy

Millenial here, high school teacher; so much of their culture and daily life is consumed by viral or inside jokes on social media. I feel pretty out of touch even though I'm only 10 years older than some of them.


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