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Mom Says Teen Son 'Unrecognizable' After TikTok Challenge Leaves Him Covered In Severe Burns

16-year-old Mason Dark of North Carolina was attempting a TikTok challenge in which a can of spray paint and a lighter are used to create a makeshift blowtorch when the can exploded in his hands.

Mason Dark in his football uniform; Mason Dark in the hospital burn unit

Internet challenges have been passing through social media for years. Many are harmless and can be fun.

But every so often one challenge proves to be dangerous.

Mason Dark, a 16-year-old boy, was left with severe burns covering 80 percent of his body after he tried to do a TikTok challenge. The Wake Forest, North Carolina teenager was sent to the hospital after he tried to create a makeshift blowtorch using a spray paint can and a lighter.

Holli Dark, the teen's mother, told the local news the accident left her son "unrecognizable." She went on to say she heard a loud sound and then her son ran outside and jumped into a river next to their house.

You can see local news coverage here:

Dark is in the burn unit at the University of North Carolina hospital.

He has undergone several skin grafts and surgeries and it is expected that he will be there for six months.

Social media had a lot to say about this case.

Many placed all the blame on Dark.

Some placed blame on Dark's parents.

Others blamed social media in general.

A GoFundMe was set up by his grandmother, Heidi Simpson, to cover his hospital costs, food, gas and rent for his family.

In six days, the fund received more than $40,000.