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Ted Cruz's Overt Lies About Merrick Garland Instantly Shut Down By Committee Chairman

Ted Cruz's Overt Lies About Merrick Garland Instantly Shut Down By Committee Chairman

On Monday, March 1, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas voted against confirming Biden Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland while in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Cruz cited Garland's supposed refusal to answer questions or meet with Senators.

Democratic Committee chair Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois quickly put Cruz in his place, however, pointing out Garland was more than willing to meet with Senators over Zoom and had answered over 800 questions submitted in writing.

You can see Cruz caught in his lies here:

Cruz joined six other Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee in voting against Garland's nomination.

During the hearing, Cruz blatantly lied, saying:

"Not only did he refuse to answer questions at the hearing. Not only did he refuse to answer questions for the record, but Judge Garland is also one of the few Biden Cabinet nominees refusing to take in-person meetings with Senators—categorically refusing to take them. Multiple other Biden nominees are taking them."

Many people online pointed out Garland was likely making a wise choice by avoiding an in-person meeting with Cruz, who recently flew out of the country to Cancun.

Twitter has also learned to take all of Cruz's claims with a pretty hefty grain of salt.

Cruz would go on to falsely claim "on question after question after question Judge Garland refused to answer virtually anything."

Fortunately, Dick Durbin was able to fact-check the Texas Senator in real-time, pointing out Garland answered over 100 questions specifically from Cruz.

There were some online who suspected Cruz opposed Garland's nomination because the incoming Attorney General promised to investigate the instigators of the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

Cruz's recent controversies sadly haven't taught him the value of being honest in a public setting, despite the double-digit drop in his approval rating.

He likely hopes casting Merrick Garland as a liberal bogeyman will help him get back into his constituents' good graces.