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Ted Cruz Dragged For Trying To Use Jason Bourne To Criticize New CIA Recruitment Video

Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

A new recruitment video from the CIA has been making the rounds on Twitter due to its focus on inclusivity and diversity within the agency.

The short video, which highlights a Latina officer, also had conservative critics online complaining it went too far in trying to portray the agency as "woke."

Of course, Twitter could always count on Republican Senator Ted Cruz to come up with the dumbest take on any particular subject.

Ted Cruz was predictably against the recruitment video, noting online there's no way it would strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Cruz then nostalgically remembered the good ole' days of the CIA, when we recruited men like Jason Bourne.

Jason Bourne, most people know, is the fictional main character of the Bourne films starring Matt Damon.

Twitter wasted no time in mocking Cruz for his take, which was pretty disconnected from reality.

Ted Cruz's choice to reference Jason Bourne was not only mocked because Bourne is fictional, but also because Cruz chose a White male to embody the "perfect" CIA agent.

The CIA, which has operations running all over the world—including places where a White male would stand out instead of blending in—values diversity.

One trait the agency has never put a lot of stock in?

Being a fictional movie character.

It seems Ted Cruz can't go a week without being majorly dunked on by Twitter.

Before long, Cruz is going to be wondering what happened to the days when the FBI would hire men like Aaron Hotchner.