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Teacher Under Investigation After Using Offensive Gestures To Explain Racist Asian Stereotypes


A Sacramento teacher is under scrutiny after using offensive "slanty-eye" gestures in a lesson with her students.

Nicole Burkett, a Spanish teacher and faculty advisor at Grant Union High School in the California state capital, is facing an inquiry after a Zoom class where she used racist Asian stereotypes with eye slants.

Principal of Grant Union, Darris Hinson, called the video "shocking."

"Please know that Twin Rivers is committed to providing all students with a safe and civil learning environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect."

Unfortunately, as State Senator Dr. Richard Pan pointed out, Asian people are all too used to the kind of racist gestures seen in Burkett's video.

"While we can't stop individuals from expressing prejudice and hate, we can as a community say, this is not acceptable for us as a community."

Burkett is just one of many people perpetuating anti-Asian stereotypes among a rise of anti-Asian violence across the United States as a result of the ongoing pandemic and anti-Asian rhetoric shared repeatedly by the Trump administration.

No official action has been announced for Burkett's actions.