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Teacher Loses It After Student Creates Hilarious PowerPoint About Breakfast Cereals' Sexualities

TikTok teacher Jacob Ryan Carlew shares one of his classrooms 'Pointless PowerPoint' assignments.

Teacher Loses It After Student Creates Hilarious PowerPoint About Breakfast Cereals' Sexualities

A teacher who presides over a weekly class discussion called "Pointless PowerPoint Fridays" shared some hilarious examples in a viral TikTok video.

School teacher and TikToker Jacob Ryan Carlew said the PowerPoint presentation involves his students getting up in front of the class to share something "totally irreverent and informative."

Past topics included "The worst allergies ranked and why" and "Worst 10 pictures of Mr. Carlew and why"–a presentation in which he recalled getting "absolutely roasted."

But this week's subject was something Carlew just had to share because he was "literally dying the whole time."

The week's winning subject was on “Cereals and their sexualitys.”

Yes, cereals identifying as LGBTQ is everything you imagine it to be and more.

You can see for yourself just how in the clip, below.


Waiting for my Captain Crunch. #teacher #teachersoftiktok #lbgtq #powerpoint

One of the examples showed an image of Blueberry Chex, and the student said:

"I think all the chex allies !!! but blueberry is my favorite."

Carlew noted how the student was also informing the class about other sexualities before going on to the next example.

"I personally think that cookie crunch is omnisexual meaning they fall in love with someone they have a deep connection with and nothing to do with gender but they have a preference towards men."

The student also mentioned that "crunch berrie is bicurious meaning they are experimenting with bisexuality."

What made Carlew throw his head back and laugh was in response to the following:

"I think that mini wheats are homophobic/super straight but are one of those people that are like 'I don't hate them, I just don't support their lifestyle."

And what about Fruit Loops?

According to the young PowerPoint presenter, "gay obvy."

The clip went viral with over 2.4 million views, and it was a big hit with TikTokers.





The viral clip even inspired a sequel which he renamed the popular presentation, "PowerPoint(Less) Fridays."

He also respected the anonymity of the witty student since they were still a minor.


Justice 4 Frosted Mini Wheats #teacher #teachersoftiktok #fyp #powerpoint #powerpointless #lgbt #lgbtq #greenscreen #cereal

Back by popular demand, the PowerPoint(Less) presentation continued with Apple Jacks, which the student said was "aromantic."

"Meaning they feel little to no attraction this cereal is a grumpy old man who secretly loves his wife but she just hates him."

Next was Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is:

"Nonbinary and lesbian meaning they don't conform to gender laws and are attraction [sic] to women and nonbinary people."

Other highlights from the presentation included:

"Oops All Berries is bisexual and they are dating fruit loops."
"Count Chocula is gay and he is married to cocoa pebbles (they had a child together (marshmellow cocoa pebbles)."

The praise continued.





Carlew expressed gratitude for the viewers.

"Thanks for all the love. These students are hilarious. It's really nice to be able to highlight their voices."


The fact some school districts in the country prohibit LGBTQ+ discussions in the classroom is a sad and wasted opportunity.


We appreciate you, Mr. Carlew, for providing these students with a safe space to express their creativity as well as their precious sense of humor.

Now, which cereal do you identify with?