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Little Boy Heartbroken After Teacher Says Painting Nails Is 'Only For Girls'—Until His Dad Steps In

TikToker Christian Shearhod decided it was time for a mani-pedi after his son's teacher's shaming comments.

Christian and Ashton Shearhod

After his teacher informed him "painting your nails is only for girls," Christian Shearhod accompanied his 3-year-old son Ashton to get his nails done.

He shared the mani-pedis on TikTok last week.

In the video, Shearhod and his girlfriend Eden are shown gasping loudly as Ashton recalls the incident when they are driving to a West Hollywood nail shop.

You can see the video here:

Once they made it to the nail salon, Ashton was quick to pick a color.

"I want pink," he said, and was then overjoyed when Eden chose the same.

In the video, he is all smiles, even adorably blowing on his nails to dry them, though Shearhod "doesn't know where he learned that."

As this story started out frustrating but ending in a sweet moment of parenting and a cute kid getting to do a thing he wants, reactions were quick to roll in.

Many people congratulated Shearhod on being a great parent.




Others mentioned how out-of-line the teacher was.



Another teacher modeled a better behavior for her classroom.


Another person commented on how well-behaved Ashton was in getting his nails done.


Finally, a person commented we can celebrate this, but really it should nnot be that big a deal.

If the kid wants painted nails, give him painted nails.


Here's hoping Ashton's nail painting adventure is the first of many.