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Infamous 'Tan Mom' Announces She's Running For U.S. Senate In Florida As A Republican—And Oh Dear

Patricia Krentcil AKA 'Tan Mom' gained internet infamy in 2012 after her arrest for putting her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning booth.

Patricia Krentcil
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Social media users were shaking their heads after Patricia Krentcil, best known as "Tan Mom" due to her infamy from a tanning booth-related incident, has recently announced her intention to run in Florida's 2024 Senate race as a Republican candidate.

Krentcil made headlines in 2012 when she faced arrest on allegations of placing her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning booth. Although she denied the charges and pleaded not guilty, the case was eventually dropped in 2013.

Despite being out of the public eye for some time, Krentcil embarked on various endeavors to prolong her time in the spotlight, including recording a song, challenging another viral sensation to a boxing match, and even making an appearance in a gay pornographic film for Lucas Entertainment.

And this week, Krentcil submitted a filing with the Federal Election Commission, signaling her entry into the world of politics and her bid for a Senate seat in Florida.

She justified her campaign in the following statement to TMZ:

"I know that I am different. And I have suffered for it. But us all being different is what makes this country so amazing and unique."

You can see her interview with TMZ below.

'Tan Mom' Patricia Krentcil Says Senate Run Triggered by FL's Hot Button Issues |

Although Krentcil is running as a Republican, her views often diverge from the conventional GOP stance. For instance, she expressed strong support for LGBTQ+ rights, even noting her willingness to vote for RuPaul as President.

As she told Fox News Digital:

“The thing with my campaign is that you know everything about me from the start. There’s no skeletons or hidden secrets or shocking dirt to be revealed. What you see is what you get because my life has been documented.”
“My platform is pro LGBTQ+; I would vote for RuPaul for President. Let’s mix it up with representation."

She also took aim at Republicans who have led efforts to ban books from school districts nationwide and engaged in historical revisionism, arguing that "banning Shakespeare" and "teaching slavery is beneficial" makes no sense when many Floridians "can’t pay their home insurance premiums or medical bills."

Krentcil went on to acknowledge that while she may not be “the most well spoken, brilliant politician that ever lived," she does possess a unique perspective as a mother of five who has faced challenges and struggles "on the ground" in Florida.

Social media users were gobsmacked.

Krentcil's venture into the Senate race aligns with her current role as the star of the TV documentary series Tan to 10.

The series chronicles her endeavors to break free from tanning habits and embark on a transformative journey.

Notably, she has appointed Gregg Maliff and Adam Barta, the same individuals who serve as producers for her docuseries, as her campaign managers.