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'Karen' Calls Cops On Taco Bell Workers After Being Told She Couldn't Order Nacho Fries In Viral Video

'Karen' Calls Cops On Taco Bell Workers After Being Told She Couldn't Order Nacho Fries In Viral Video

If you thought there was a limit to the things so-called "Karens" will call the police over, think again. A new viral video shows a White woman calling the police because a Taco Bell didn't have any more nacho fries.

You can't make this stuff up.

The bonkers incident was captured on TikTok on Monday and has since gone viral on the platform.

The video didn't make clear how the altercation began, but it showed Karen yelling abusively at the Taco Bell employees with her mask down around her chin, while her daughter stood by looking deeply uncomfortable.

The video was captioned with the phrase, "She called the police cause we didn't have nacho fries." As the employees variously laughed at the woman and tried to reason with her, she could be seen angrily relaying her side of the story into her phone.

At one point she told the police:

"These teenyboppers are not doing their job."

The employees reacted with shock.

Some laughed, while one man exclaimed the woman had "just cussed the whole [staff] out." Another employee could be heard arguing with Karen about her accusation nobody was doing their job.

As Karen continued talking to the police, the employee retorted:

"Girl you don't know what I do!"

She then began speaking to the woman's daughter and that is when things took a turn.

In what seemed to be a reference to abusive language Karen may have used earlier in the incident, the employee asked the woman's daughter, who looked to be in her teen years, "Does she talk to you like that?" The young woman just stared back, seeming shaken and unsure how to respond.

Karen then became visibly enraged and shot back:

"Don't address my daughter. Don't f'king address my daughter!"

TikTokers were outraged by Karen's behavior.




And people were deeply concerned about Karen's daughter.








The video of Karen certainly struck a nerve. As of this writing it has more than 700,000 views and nearly 120,000 likes.