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US Soccer Star Demands FIFA Video Game 'Deflate' Her Boobs In Criticism Of Her Likeness

World Cup winner and Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux called out EA Games' popular franchise for making her 'chesty.'

Sydney Leroux
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sydney Leroux—a member of the United States National Soccer team—recently made headlines with a request to EA Sports.

The soccer star—having played over 70 times for the United States for World Cup winning teams in addition to earning an Olympic Gold Medal in 2016—asked EA Sport to “deflate her boobs” in its FIFA 16 video game after being left unhappy with her appearance in the FIFA 23 release.

Leroux stated her stance by tweeting:

“Please tell me I did not do an entire body scan for that…”

She also shared a video clip from the game of her scoring a goal and the celebration scene within.

Leroux joined many of her colleagues in taking issue with the way their characters looked in FIFA 23.

Teammate Madison Hammond wrote:

“Somebody please lmk when they find me, Madison Hammond #99 from Angel City! Because this … is simply not it!”

Detailing her 2016 look and aesthetic, Leroux tweeted:

“They had the headband, the braid, the neck tattoo, the overly plucked brows and someone even made me CHESTYYYY!!!! Deflate my boobs a bit and put a different jersey on. I’ll keep the brows at this point.”

Finalizing her stance, Leroux captioned yet another screenshot:

“You are going to scare my children”.

Social media had a lot to say.

Leroux currently plays as a forward for Angel City FC, based in Los Angeles, California in the National Women's Soccer League.