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Guy Asks If He's Wrong For Confronting A Stranger About The Dangers Of Jogging With Her French Bulldog

Guy Asks If He's Wrong For Confronting A Stranger About The Dangers Of Jogging With Her French Bulldog
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Redditor "someone_someplace" stopped a jogger after noticing she had a french bulldog with her.

Concerned for the animal's well-being, the Original Poster (OP) lectured the jogger on why she shouldn't be jogging with a breed not typically known to keep up with joggers.

However, the owner said she was aware of her pet's limitations and explained the paced regimen she keeps when taking her dog out. So he asked the subReddit AITA (Am I the A**hole) to weigh in.

"As you know, french bulldogs have breathing issues due to their deformed noses," wrote the OP after having a poorly-received discussion with the dog-owner.

"'I saw a girl jogging with her french bulldog. I told my wife i wanted to say something, but she said not to, so I didn't."

But when the OP crossed paths with the same jogger, he felt he had to say something.

"A few days later, I saw the same girl and dog around my neighborhood walking, so I took this chance to say something. I told her to please consider her dog's breathing issues when jogging."

This jogger wasn't obligated to respond but felt it was necessary if only to assure him she wasn't harming her pet.

"She told me when she jogs with him, she does intervals of light jogging for 1 min then does 3 mins of walking for 15-20 mins and she only does this every two weeks. Never in the Summer."

The explanation wasn't good enough.

"I see where she's coming from, but I told her he's probably not doing too good."
"She then says he runs constantly in dog parks for more than an hour so he's fine. I told her that's different. She says 'ok i hear you - have a great day!'"

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"Honestly this is a rude response since I feel dismissed. So I ask if she's going to stop. She says probably not."
"At this point I'm mad so I tell her she shouldn't have gotten this breed then."
"She then says 'Yea sure.' then walks away."

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The OP's conduct was met with opposition back at home.

"I told my wife about this and she said this is one of the dumbest things I could've done and I should've minded my own business."
"So, was I in the wrong?"

Anonymous strangers on the internet were asked to voice their opinions by declaring:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
  • YTA - You're The A**hole
  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here

This Redditor went down his list and ticked off the box that classified the OP was TA.

"YTA. It started okay. You had a concern for the animal's well being and seemed to voice it respectfully."
"She then showed that she was, in fact, knowledgeable of potential issues, and planned properly for them, as well as showing that she knew her own dog better than you do."
"At that point, you should have backed off. Instead, you escalated. And for that, you are the a**hole." – hitchinpost

In response to the comment where the OP felt he was being "dimissed," this person had some words.

"No OP, it's not women's job to coddle your feelings so you never have a negative emotion."
"It's your job to handle negative emotions like an adult. Processing hurt feelings internally is a normal part of adulthood."
"Failing to do so is a sign of emotional immaturity." – Darktwistedlady
"And actually, her response, 'I hear you, have a good day,' is the opposite of dismissive."
"She is literally acknowledging your opinion, but politely saying she does not agree. That is allowed."
"Adults can disagree and they can do it respectfully. YTA." – Cucinawonderwall1492

All french bulldogs are not built the same.

"Also, just because a breed will generally suffer from something doesn't mean all of them will. I have a friend who owns teo different pugs."
"One of them can run around outside in the summer for hours without worry. He's the one my friend takes on jogs, not only for the excercise, but also because he's brave and aggressive when it counts."
"She almost got mugged once and the pug just bit the crap out of the guys ankle and calf and she was able to scoop up the little guy and run with him."
"But the other one can jog for a few minutes trying to chase other dogs and will then sit and pant heavily."
"If he runs too much then he starts wheezing and it could lead to a hacking/choking problem because he can't catch his breath. My friend says when this happen you need to hold him and fan him to help him out." – AnimalLover38
"I have a well-bred frenchie with no breathing problems and she can run fine. I mean she gets distracted sniffing everything so we don't take her jogging.. but we could if she wasn't so stubborn ;)" – bigtoddlebigfun
"I had a pug. His snout was longer than is typical, and he loved long walks. He wasn't a 'let's go on a five mile run' dog, but a walk for a mile was totally comfortable for him."
"It kept him from ending up obese like so many pugs do, and was vet approved. Good owners try to take care of their pet's health and wellbeing."
"OP YTA for assuming you know better about her dog than she does, just because you know some general info about the breed." – madelfdisease

The OP's credentials were questioned and slammed accordingly.

"Are you a vet or just a guy who thinks he knows better than the girl?"
"Idk did you ask if she had advice from a vet, sounds like you mainsplained a dog to it's owner. YTA" – misc_thoughts-23
"Even if he was a Vet (which i doubt), you're not supposed to 'diagnose/treat' without a clinical exam to get to know the patient and client (medical history and such)."
"He would be fine, if he asked if her dog was okay/mentioned how he was just worried, if he truly thought the dog was in distress. But nope, just turned to mansplaining to her. So i agree, OP YTA here." – SilverWings115736

While his concern for animals was admirable, Redditors believed he should've taken paws when his concerns were countered by actual knowledge about the dog.

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