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Stephen King Just Explained The 'Friday The 13th' Story Idea He'll Probably Never Write—And We Need It Now

Stephen King Just Explained The 'Friday The 13th' Story Idea He'll Probably Never Write—And We Need It Now
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Stephen King is arguably the most prolific writer of horror—both literary and cinematic—we've ever known, the mastermind behind such classics as The Shining, Carrie, and IT, to name just a few.

But the King story that's most recently caught fans' attention is one he's never actually gotten around to writing: a Friday the 13th-themed book that will probably never see the light of day, but that the internet is salivating for all the same.

The Friday the 13th novel in King's head, titled I, Jason, would center on the viewpoint of the beloved film franchise's terrifying villain Jason Voorhees, the sadistic serial killer known for his hockey-mask disguise. It would include the nightmarish fate that would finally befall him at the franchise's iconic Camp Crystal Lake.

King talked about "the best novel idea I never wrote" in a series of tweets.

Sadly, though, the book is unlikely to ever come to fruition—mainly because the copyright and trademark ramifications alone would probably be a Jason-level bloodbath.

King's hesitations are well founded, it seems.

As The Independent reports, since the first Friday the 13th debuted in 1980, there have been 12 iterations in the movie franchise, the most recent having bowed in 2009. Over the course of those twelve versions, the rights have shifted several times due to acquisitions by film studio Warner Bros. of large swaths of other studios' content—including that of Paramount, which produced the first eight Friday the 13th films.

And as if that weren't bad enough, the original Friday the 13th's writer, Victor Miller, and its producer, Sean S. Cunningham, have been embroiled in legal conflict over their share of the rights as well—which is part of why there hasn't been a new film since 2009.

But ever the visionary, that hasn't stopped King from fantasizing about an I, Jason story, including who could make the eventual movie.

Blumhouse is the production company behind many iconic horror movies, including Get Out, The Purge and Paranormal Activity.

Whether it has any hope of happening or not, fans on Twitter were champing at the bit for King's take on Jason Voorhees.

I, Jason may be dead in the water, but the good news for Stephen King fans is that his latest book, If It Bleeds, is out now and he has a slew of film and TV projects in development.