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Trump Press Secretary Unveils Savage Nickname She Gave Lindsey Graham For Visiting Mar-A-Lago All The Time

Trump Press Secretary Unveils Savage Nickname She Gave Lindsey Graham For Visiting Mar-A-Lago All The Time
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Stephanie Grisham, one of former Republican President Donald Trump's litany of White House Press Secretaries, has revealed more juicy details about the chaos of the Trump years in another preview of her book.

And this time, it's Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who comes out looking worse for wear.

Grisham reveals in her memoir that her nickname for Graham was "Senator Freeloader," because of how much time he spent mooching and sucking up at the former President's Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida.

In her book, titled "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House," Grisham lumps Graham in with the "hangers-on" who lurked around the former President ingratiating themselves.

Grisham says Graham spent an inordinate amount of time hovering around Trump's various resorts and homes--nearly more than she herself did, in her capacity as the former President's Press Secretary.

"Someone who was almost as frequent a guest at Trump properties as I was Senator Lindsey Graham."
"Okay, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. The difference, of course, is that I was there to work."

Why was Graham constantly riding Trump's coattails? According to Grisham, in order to "mop up the freebies" and "stuff his face with free food" while hanging with Trump and his retinue of "celebrity pals." Grisham also recalled a "gross" and "tacky" poolside encounter with Graham that seemed to say it all.

"Senator Freeloader was sitting at a table by the pool, a big grin on his face, lapping up the goodies he was getting like some potentate. He said to me, with a creepy little smile, 'Isn't this great? Man, this is the life.'"

But Graham and Trump's relationship wasn't exactly a bed of roses, in Grisham's telling. She recounts that Graham was constantly hot and cold with the President, to the extent that his advisors would tell him he couldn't trust the Senator.

But Grisham recounts that Trump was unfazed.

"...Trump seemed to like him for whatever reason and I often wondered if he sought Lindsey's approval."

On Twitter, virtually no one was surprised by this unsavory portrait of one of Congress's greatest Trump sycophants.

Grisham was Trump's Press Secretary for approximately nine months before transitioning to former First Lady Melania Trump's staff. She resigned on January 6 because of the Capitol insurrection.