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Student Posts Photo of Starburst Chewing Gum But His Homework Gets the Most Attention

Student Posts Photo of Starburst Chewing Gum But His Homework Gets the Most Attention
(@rvheem, @emm_deltoro/Twitter)

Twitter user @rvheem was so excited about his new pack of Starburst chewing gum, he wanted to share the joy of savoring the fruity flavors of Starburst, apparently while studying. "Starburst has changed the game!!" he said.

But his photo got a lot of attention for a different reason.

Okay, so you can now chew and then spit out this new version of the candy. Groundbreaking it is not. What captivated Twitter users were the cryptic symbols on the paper under the box of Starburst.

Could this user be on to something?

Other theories floated around.

Whatever hoodoo the Starburst enthusiast was up to, people wished him well.

Some people tried to bring us back to reality.

Well, which is it???

If it was mathematics, it still didn't add up.

Whatevs. Other math students begged to differ.

Amused by the response to his post – which included over 24,000 likes and 5,300 retweets – the student followed up, saying, "Not even going to say what I study exactly cause these quote tweets are making my fkn day."

He did request one thing. "On a side note can you keep me in your prayers for my final exams coming up! Would be much appreciated thank you!"

One person didn't care about the homework or the candy. She had the sweets for the student.

And she wasn't the only one who noticed the eye candy.

In case anyone is actually interested in the Starburst gum, reviews for it are mixed.

Amy G. on Influenster wrote:

Very disappointed with this gum! I really wanted to liked it, but I couldn't. When you first taste it, the flavor is great. A few minutes later, it disappears and the gum starts to taste plain and lose its consistency. It becomes sort of like a paste. Will not be trying this again

While Emilie O. gave a more flavorable assessment.

I Love this gum! It keeps flavor for a mediocre amount of time but the flavor makes up for that! I love the flavor so much! This is super affordable and only costs like 96¢. I have repurchased this like 5 million times and will repurchase again.

The Starburst-flavored gum is actually made by Juicy Fruit, which has been around since 1893. Unfortunately, the flavor lasts as long as a traditional stick of Juicy Fruit. Ten seconds. At least those numbers are more manageable for most of us.

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