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Stanley Tucci Just Gave A Masterclass On Making A Negroni, And The Internet Has Never Been More Turned On


When Stanley Tucci talks, the internet listens.

Tucci has been attracting the eye of all genders and all sexualities for years.

Tucci has over 100 credits to his name dating back to the mid 1980s, from mobsters to scientists.

And the thing we never knew we needed, but definitely, most certainly, irrefutably needed, was a video of Stanley Tucci making a social-distancing Negroni.

And being as charismatic as possible while doing it.

Hubba, hubba, hubba.

One person pointed out that she never knew being "thirsty" for someone could be this much of a double entendre.

But the thirst tweets came a-rolling in.

Even Chris Evans, Captain America himself, had nothing but praises to sing for Stanley Tucci.

Tucci portrayed the scientist who created the formula for the super soldier in Captain America: The First Avenger.

It's safe to say many of us have been doing a lot of drinking the past month and change.

So what do we say to a Stanley Tucci cocktail series that can keep us sated in more ways than one through our isolation?

Tucci is the author of several cookbooks. His most recent book is The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends, available here.