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Gold Medal-Winning Snowboarder's Dad Goes Viral After Dropping Two F-Bombs In Live Interview

Gold Medal-Winning Snowboarder's Dad Goes Viral After Dropping Two F-Bombs In Live Interview
Lars Baron/Getty Images

The father of an Olympic snowboarder got a chuckle out of the internet after his profanity laden live interview went viral. To be fair, he was really proud of his daughter’s gold medal win.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, a snowboarder from New Zealand, got to see exactly how proud her father is of her after winning the nation’s first Winter Olympics gold medal.

And that pride came through with a few f-bombs.

In the video above a reporter is asking Sadowski-Synnott’s father, Sean about his daughter’s performance in the competition. He responds incredibly enthusiastically.

Sean says:

“I’m pretty f***king excited, to be honest.”

The reporter allows the curse laden praise to continue.

Which Sean does:

“She was f***king crazy.”

The reporter couldn’t exactly blame the man.

We could all only wish to have someone so supportive.

Sadowski-Synnott won New Zealand’s first gold in the women’s slopestyle, the first gold for the country at the Winter Olympic Games.

And when she heard her dad’s praise, she fully understood.

“Yeah, I think really that he had a few too many drinks at that point, but you can’t really blame him, it was Waitangi Day in New Zealand (a national holiday) and his daughter just won the Olympics so..!”

Sadowski-Synnott’s dad isn’t the only one happy for her win. The snowboarder has received a congratulations from the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden as well.

But it’s Sadowski-Synnott’s father who has been constantly providing a source of entertainment for everyone as the snowboarder pushes ahead in the Winter Games.

He also spoke on the ‘sacrifices’ made to ensure Sadowski-Synnott could compete.

“Zoi sacrificed doing the dishes, mowing the lawns, cleaning her room and getting the vacuum out, she sacrificed all of those things.”

Sadowski-Synnott isn’t done at the Olympic Games. She will go for the big air event, which has qualifying rounds on February 14th.