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Snoop Dogg Just Joked That He May Have To Buy Twitter Now—And Elon Musk Is All About It

Snoop Dogg Just Joked That He May Have To Buy Twitter Now—And Elon Musk Is All About It
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images; Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Elon potentially buying Twitter is a move lots of people hate.

Folks aware of his past behavior in regards to doxxing and harassment have complained that maybe giving someone with that pattern of behavior ownership of social media us an unsafe idea.

People who don't like his attitudes towards poverty and/or the way his very public offers to help often end with Musk backtracking and not helping - which gets much less attention - have complained that this is nothing short of an ultimate PR and control move.

People who have been enjoying the relative peace of the platform now that hate speech and misinformation are (kind of) monitored and kept in check have complained about Musks stated plans to remove those checks and allow people back on the app who were banned.

The whole sale has been complicated, unpopular, and slow - as most sales of this type are.

Since the whole thing is up in the air at the moment, someone else has thrown his name into the proverbial Goblet of Fire and announced that he, too, is considering buying Twitter. He meant it as a joke, but people—Elon Musk included—are kind of into it.

Snoop Dogg (Mr. Broadus if ya nasty) tweeted:

His "announcement" didn't stop there. He laid out a few of his plans for once the social media outlet was under his control.

First there would be some staffing shake-ups.

Once that was out of the way, it would be time to get down to some serious business.

Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. So someone working minimum wage would have to work four hours to earn one hour of airplane internet? On top of what they already worked to pay for that expensive ticket?

Snoop has a deep understanding of poverty and knows aerial price gouging when he sees it. That price point is, as he so aptly put it, bulsh*t. (He can say it cause he's Snoop, we have editors and algorithms to answer to.)

Not every flight is for fun, fam. What happened to your allegedly friendly skies? We're not all rich people and celebs.

We're not all celebs - but on Snoop's Twitter we could be.

Snoop is for the people, even if the people are bots. His plan was so incredible that even Elon Musk gave it his stamp of approval on it...

A stamp which Snoop, as a master collaborator, quickly improved on.

Speaking of collaborations; Twitter users had some ideas on what social media with Snoop could be like

Snoop is for the people and the people are for Snoop - however surreal that may be.

Since Twitter is up for celebrity grabs, let's play a game.

What celeb would you like to see take over the platform and what changes should they make?

Have fun in the comments!