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'Sniffles' The Dog Who Lost His Nose Is Looking For A Forever Home—And The Internet Is Smitten ❤️

'Sniffles' The Dog Who Lost His Nose Is Looking For A Forever Home—And The Internet Is Smitten ❤️
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Move over, all animals on the internet ever, there's a new viral star taking things by storm, and he's doing it without even having a nose!

Yes, that's among the weirdest sentences I've ever written, but it's true! Meet Sniffles, the noseless dog:

I want to type an entire line of heart eyes emojis, but I'm afraid once I start I may never stop. Look at him! Look at his goofy smile as if he just made a really bad pun that he thinks is hilarious! Plus he snorts a lot because of his lack of nose! Plus his name is Sniffles! It's all too much!

Sniffles is currently living at the Poodle and Pooch Rescue in Orange County, Florida, where he turned up on Dec 19. He was featured Christmas Eve in a report by Orlando's WESH, after which he quickly went viral. Because how could he not! Look at him!

Poodle and Pooch Rescue says that Sniffles's adorable smile is despite what has likely been a rough life. He had to be treated for whipworms and hookworms, usually a sign of poor conditions.

And Michele Wacker, a director of the shelter, told USA Today that Poodle and Pooch believes Sniffles most likely lost his nose when he was attacked by a pack of dogs.

But that hasn't dampened Sniffles's spirits one bit! As Wacker put it to WESH:

"He's just a precious old man. Everyone at the vet's office has fallen in love with him."

How can you not! And the vet's office employees aren't the only ones: the internet has fallen head over heels for good ol' Sniffles too.

Wacker also told USA Today she's confident Sniffles will get scooped up soon, because Poodle and Pooch has already had copious promising inquiries. I smell a very happy beginning to 2019 for this lucky dog. (See what I did there?) Hooray for Sniffles!