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'Simpsons' Writer Who Rode Titanic Sub Four Times Recalls Error That Happened 'Every Time'

Mike Reiss said he thought that the glitch was just 'baked into the system' after completing several expeditions on the Titan submersible.

Mike Reiss
Sefa Karacan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

New York writer Mike Reiss was a four-time passenger on the OceanGate submersible that was reported missing on its route to view the Titanic wreckage. He recounted the vessel encountered the same error every single time—lost communication.

The former Simpsons writer revealed in an interview with ABC News:

“Every time they lost communication. That seems to be just something baked into the system."
“I don’t blame OceanGate, but I think I blame deep water for that.”

Reiss also shared as a passenger aboard the Titan, he was required to sign a waiver each voyage with alarming terminology.

“There is a long release you sign, a waiver, that mentions death three times on the first page."

One of Reiss' journeys aboard the sub was to the site of the Titanic.

Though the voyage was successful, he revealed they encountered "communication problems" when they were about 500 yards from the wreckage.

“We knew it was there, but our compass was acting up, and we didn’t know in what direction it was.”

It took them about three hours to locate the site.

You can watch the interview below.

People on social media claimed the waiver alone would be grounds enough for them to never set foot on the vessel.

Many also wondered how Reiss felt knowing he could have easily met the same fate.

Reiss spoke to NewsNation's Banfieldand shared his belief the five passengers aboard the vessel were able to remain calm.

“There’s something just zen and otherworldly about being on this sub. And being that far down, that everybody loves to mention that I fell asleep on the sub, even though I knew death could come in any minute."
“It’s dark, it’s cool ... there’s no furniture, so you’re just kind of propped up leaning against the wall with your legs sticking out."
“And that’s what I have a sense is going on in the sub right now. People are at peace. They’ve exhausted every option they could think of, I hope.”

On Thursday authorities announced—after identifying wreckage—the submersible likely suffered a catastrophic implosion killing all occupants almost instantly.