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Ben Shapiro's Prediction Of How 'Barbie' Would Perform At The Box Office Has Not Aged Well—At All

The far-right podcaster previously predicted the film, which has already surpassed $1 billion globally, would 'fall off a cliff' after its first week.

Daily Wire screenshot of Ben Shapiro
The Daily Wire

Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie has crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office, defying predictions made by far-right commentator Ben Shapiro. As the film's success continues to soar, people are seizing the opportunity to remind Shapiro of his earlier statements.

Last month, Shapiro unleashed a fiery 43-minute rant on YouTube expressing his disdain for the film, referring to it as "flaming garbage" and one of the most "woke" movies he has ever seen.

He even went on to make a bold prediction about its box office performance, asserting that the movie's popularity would plummet after the first week.

He confidently stated:

“My prediction: [Barbie] is just absolutely going to fall off a cliff after [week one]. The repeat business on this movie is going to be nonexistent.”

You can hear Shapiro's remarks in the video below.

However, Shapiro's prediction couldn't have been more off the mark. Barbie not only maintained its momentum but also surged past the $1 billion milestone in box office earnings, leaving Shapiro's prophecy in tatters.

The irony of Shapiro's failed prediction was not lost on the internet, with many users taking to social media to mock him profusely.

Shapiro himself later acknowledged his error, writing:

"Totally true. I radically overestimated the taste of the American public. Guilty.”

You can see his tweet below.

However, many remained skeptical of Shapiro's explanation, considering the extent to which his prediction missed the mark, and criticized him further.

Shapiro made headlines last month for burning several dolls on a barbecue grill to symbolize his discontent with the film. He went on to accuse the film and the studio of promoting "angry feminist claptrap" to create divisions between men and women.

Shortly afterward, he was widely mocked after he took to his YouTube channel to express his dismay over the announcement of a Polly Pocket movie directed by Lena Dunham, whom he referrred to as a "trash person."