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DWTS Contestant Shangela Danced With Fried Chicken Hidden In Her Dress—And We're Officially Obsessed

Shangela impressed host Tyra Banks after surprising the judges with fried chicken on 'Dancing With The Stars.'

DWTS Contestant Shangela Danced With Fried Chicken Hidden In Her Dress—And We're Officially Obsessed
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GLAAD; @JillianSed/Twitter

Drag queen, actor, RuPaul's Drag Race alumnus, stand-up comedian and costar of HBO's drag makeover show We're Here are just a portion of the resumé for Dancing With the Stars contestant Shangela.

The performer is well known for her quick wit and hilarious approach to drag. A stunt she recently pulled on Dancing With the Stars is so vintage Shangela fans can't stop cheering.

At the end of her and dance partner Gleb Savchenko's tango performance on Monday night's live edition of the long-running dance competition show, Shangela gave the judges and viewers everywhere a memorable finale by pulling a piece of fried chicken out of her dress.

Kind of brings a new meaning to the phrase, "She ate," right?

The chicken was a gift of sorts for judge Len Goodman from Shangela's mom, but he wasn't the only one who got a snack onstage.

Shangela had a second fried chicken leg stashed in her cleavage, which host Tyra Banks ate with relish.

It all began when Shangela asked Goodman, "Were my legs crispy?" after he'd told her the previous week to watch the placement and flexing of her legs while dancing.

After Goodman confirmed Shangela's legs had looked perfect in that night's performance, Shangela whipped a piece of fried chicken in a plastic bag out of her cleavage and presented it to Goodman while quipping:

"Good cuz... my mama said make sure I give you this piece of crispy chicken to make sure them crispy legs were just as crispy."

Shangela then gave a hearty "Halleloo!," her signature catchphrase, as the crowd erupted in cheers and laughter.

A flabbergasted Banks asked:

"Wait, did you dance this entire time with a piece of fried chicken in your décolleté?!"

At which Shangela yanked a second piece of chicken from her chest and clarified:

"I danced with two pieces of chicken in my titties!"

There was nothing left to do but take a bite, so that's what Banks did, to the crowd's delight.

On Twitter, people loved the crispy fried chaos of this moment.

In the end, the chicken paid off.

Shangela and Savchenko got 9s across the board, placing them in fourth for the night and moving them forward in the competition.