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Woman Blames Sex Shop's Condoms For Destroying Her Home In $2 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Woman Blames Sex Shop's Condoms For Destroying Her Home In $2 Million Dollar Lawsuit
Suparat Malipoom / EyeEm via Getty Images

Aren't condoms usually part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

Well, for one New York City resident, condoms literally ruined her life--and her fancy apartment.

Susan Haar, a lawyer and playwright residing in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, NY, hit Sexy Boutique, a Chelsea sex shop, with a civil suit claiming her townhouse was ruined when sewage began flowing out of her shower drains and toilet and into the her kitchen, second bathroom and living room.

The entire living space was soaked by up to 6 feet of sewage, rendering the space uninhabitable and "very smelly." Haar is suing the sex shop, Sexy Boutique, because half of what turned up in the overflow were condoms.

And to Haar's knowledge, she has not been flushing that many condoms down the toilet herself. Haar claims she saw "tubs of condoms and rubber gloves" in the boutique's bathroom, meanwhile.

The suit is claiming $2 million in damages.

According to the text of the lawsuit, Sexy Boutique has ignored all of Haar's complaints and concerns up until this point.

In addition to the money, Haar wants the boutique "to sever their sewage line from hers — and to refrain from using the bathroom at Sexy Boutique until the situation is fixed."

Haar has thus far declined to comment further on all available outlets, and Sexy Boutique has not released a statement.

New York is pretty renowned for having bad housing situations.

But this one is definitely a top of the list ick-fest.

Haar and her lawyer were "able to secure a temporary restraining order that restricts the defendants from engaging in any activity in or around 155 8th St. that would continue to cause or continue to facilitate the sewage backups."

Watch what you put down your pipes people.