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Seth MacFarlane Tweets In Honor Of 'Family Guy's' 20th Anniversary And Fans Are Responding With Their Favorite Memories

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FOX's Family Guy proved that you can't quit a show with a dedicated fan base.

Since its debut following the Atlanta Falcon's take-down of the Denver Broncos at the Super BowlXXXIII on January 31, 1999, the adult cartoon series was given the ax on multiple occasions but was revived every time due to high ratings on the Cartoon Network.

Seth MacFarlane, who conceived the show, commemorated the show's 20th anniversary and praised its staying power despite dodging multiple bullets – including a lawsuit involving Carol Burnett and a porn shop.

"Hey so Family Guy premiered 20 years ago today on Fox. After several cancellations, multiple time slots and a lawsuit from Carol Burnett, we somehow still exist! Here's to still existing!"

A cartoon version of the vaudevillian extraordinaire, Carol Burnett of The Carol Burnett show, made an appearance as her "charwoman" character during a fourth season episode titled "Peterotica" as a part-time janitor for a porn shop called "Pornoslavia."

In 2007, she sued 20th Century Fox for $6 million in damages due to copyright infringement and claimed FOX violated her publicity rights. The lawsuit was ultimately rejected since the parody was protected under the First Amendment.

The Family Guy remained invincible after FOX cancelled the 2nd and 3rd seasons and ultimately renewed the show each time.

20 years later, the show continues to push the envelope with their bras sense of humor.

Fans of the show expressed their love for The Family Guy and its impact on their lives.

Dedicated viewers reminisced about their favorite moments through GIFs and memes.

FOX announced they were renewing the show for its seventeenth season on May 12, 2018. New episodes of The Family Guy began airing on September 30, 2018.

Happy 20th, Family Guy!