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Someone Created A Petition To Sell Montana To Canada And It's Going Viral

Someone Created A Petition To Sell Montana To Canada And It's Going Viral

Ian Hammond, a concerned citizen from the United States, has been thinking a lot lately about the ever-growing national debt. Fortunately, he's thought of a solution that's gained viral support online: simply sell Montana to Canada for the relatively cheap price of $1 trillion.

Over 5,300 people have already signed Hammond's petition to go through with the sell, which could see the home of Yellowstone National Park turned over to Canada.

Ian summed up his entire line of thinking in two short sentences:

"We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something."

"But wait," one might say! "Don't some people live in Montana?" Well, one Montana native commented his support for the petition:

"I've been a resident of Montana my entire life, and quite frankly I'm sick of the US's complete and utter disregard for human life. I'll take Canadas health care, education, and freedom over the US's money grubbing system. Also, Canada gets all of Glacier Park and some of Yellowstone."

The petition has received widespread support on social media:

Of course, this was all a joke at the end of the day...probably.

Pretty much everyone seemed pumped to welcome Montana into Canada.

Some people even suggested throwing in Idaho to sweeten the deal!

There were more than a few Montanans who seemed pretty jazzed about becoming Canadian citizens.

If the vote was held on Twitter, it looks like Montana would have left the U.S. long ago.

It's important to remember that the U.S. national debt is actually over $22 trillion, and that it owes a large swath of that to itself, so selling Montana for only $1 trillion wouldn't do a whole lot of good...unless you really hate Montana. If that's the case, I suggest you go sign Hammond's petition right away!