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Group Of Schoolgirls Freak Out With Pure, Giddy Delight After Getting Gay Couple To Kiss In Viral Video


The LGBTQ+ community has only recently earned a place in society where it's acceptable to kiss their partner in public or hold their hand in a public place.

Even still, queer people have been more trained to expect repression and abuse rather than joy when they express their sexuality around others. So when that narrative is completely flipped, it's a welcome change.

That narrative was flipped for Tanner Rex and JP McDonough, who were kissing in their car when they heard shrieks of delight from outside.

"Do it again!" the girls plead. The couple then kiss a second time to extreme cries of delight from the group of girls.

Queer folks are so happy to see such positivity from a group of young people:

While it's a bit odd that the girls are screaming like they're at a concert, the show of support is warming people's hearts nonetheless.

Even though the landscape of 2020 is much more accepting for members of the LGBTQ+ community, violent hate crimes against queer and transgender people, especially transgender people, has been steadily on the rise.

This one small show of solidarity might bring some light to your week.