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Sanitation Workers Sort Through Hundreds Of Trash Bags To Reunite Woman With Her Engagement Ring

@MonmouthshireCC/Twitter, Jo Carter/PA

A woman's engagement ring was found among hundreds of bags of trash by sanitation workers after she accidentally threw it out with the garbage.

Jo Carter, 36, and husband Craig Carter, 38, raised the alarm at Five Lane Household Waste and Recycling Center when they realized the £3,000 (~$3,760) ring had been taken to the dump with 15 other trash bags on Sunday.

Mrs. Carter, from Caldicot, Monmouthshire, England, said she kept the ring on an old candle in her bathroom, and was left in tears overnight when she realized she had thrown it out with the ring still attached.

The next day, two workers named as Rhys and Darren had to rummage through hundreds of bags of waste for 45 minutes at the center in Caldicot before Mr. Carter recognized the contents of one black bag and found the ring inside.

Mrs. Carter said: “It has huge sentimental value and is also very expensive and not insured.

“My husband Craig went to the tip and two amazing human beings trawled through hundreds of bags to find it. Their kindness and good hearts have had me in tears.

“I thank them from the bottom of my heart. What a community we live in. Thank you to Rhys and Darren."

Councillor Jane Pratt said: “I am exceptionally proud of our staff at our Five Lanes Household Waste and Recycling Center for helping bring a happy ending to this story. This is an excellent example of our staff going above and beyond to help our community. Well done!"