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Ryan Reynolds Just Brought Back His Ugly Christmas Sweater That Hugh Jackman Tricked Him Into Wearing, And For A Very Good Cause


Ryan Reynolds hauls out that famous ugly sweater once again this year, but this time with a plan of his own:


The actor has been gifting copies of the sweater to sick children that find themselves staying in the hospital during this holiday season.

It all started last Christmas, when Reynolds got completely, yuletide duped by a couple fellow actors and friends.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman tricked him into thinking they were all attending an ugly sweater party. Needless to say Ryan Reynolds was the only one to show up in an absurd sweater at a very normal, not ugly party.

He posted the following photo of the carnage.

The caption reads:

"These fu**ing a**holes said it was a sweater party."


The good news is that Ryan Reynolds can bounce back, philanthropy style.

On Friday, he posted a new video with a reprisal of the fabled sweater.

The video is full of photos and cool animations, all showing Reynolds' recent commitment to donating that same sweater to several children currently too hill to leave the hospital.

The video goes on to share Reynolds' plan to partner with the SickKids Foundation.

The video encourages people to go to the website and make a donation to help sick children this holiday season. It says that Reynolds will match all donations made before Christmas.

And needless to say, he has the full support of a whole lot of his followers.




And it all ended with a little poetic justice for Mr. Reynolds.

Catch him here with Hugh Jackman.

Looks like last Christmas is water under the bridge.

Reynolds' films Deadpool 1+2 are available here.