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Russian College Grad In Cap And Gown Stunned By Reaction From American Strangers In Sweet Clip

TikToker Daria Molchanova couldn't believe the 'amazing' ways American strangers reacted to her graduation outfit as she walked home from her ceremony.

Screenshots of TikToker Daria Molchanova

A Russian historian who recently became a graduate was deeply moved by how Americans acknowledged her just for wearing a cap and gown.

Daria Molchanova–TikToker @realrussianclub–posted a video where she said total strangers she passed following the graduation ceremony hollered "Congratulations!" and "Woot, woot."

“I can’t put into words how amazing Americans are," she said in the clip that was captioned with:

"American strangers made my day today."

You can see the TikTok clip, here.


American strangers made my day today😍😍😍 #lifeinusa #americans

“It’s just so priceless,” she added.

“Before coming to the United States, I’ve always heard how Americans are so fake and all the smiles are fake."
"But I don’t know. It’s so real to me. It’s just unbelievable.”

She later added:

"and then when I was walking by the road, all the cars were honking and people were waving and smiling🥲❤️and kids were yelling 'congratulations!!!'"

The accolades continued in the comments section of her video post.









According to her Real Russian Club online learning website, Molchanova is a certified Russian language teacher and historian who graduated from the Moscow State University of Art and Culture.

She then earned a Ph.D. in Russian history and also received a Moscow State University certificate for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

In 2020, she began her Masters program in Russian studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she recently graduated.

Teaching Russian is Molchanova's passion. Since starting her education platform in 2015, she said she gained "thousands of students from 75 countries."

"I’m the greatest admirer of Russian culture, history, and language and I hope to share it with you through my lessons."

Molchanova also said in the comments:

"I’ll be spreading the awareness of how amazing Americans really are🥰😅"

Congratulations on your graduation, Daria!

We're all proud of you.